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#itchyboots motorcycles through all of Bolivia, a country of immense mineral wealth

March 9, 2023

As I invested in New Pacific Metals (NEWP)(, a Canadian mining company developing three gold and silver projects in Bolivia, I realized I knew so little about the country. Now I have discovered a wonderful youtube series from #itchyboots that is insanely popular with 1.6 million subscribers.

As I began to watch, I quickly realized this was probably the most binge-worthy TV in my life. I watch this woman’s motorcycle travels through many countries. I am in awe every episode, repeating the word “amazing.”

#itchyboots is now on Season 7. Season 2 episodes 56 through 69 show her travels through Bolivia in February-March 2020 until Covid hit.

Enjoy. But do not miss Episode 60 if you want to watch her enter the world-famous Cerro Rico mine, where it is believed that hundreds of thousands of Incan miners died.


[S2 – Eps. 56] Crossing into BOLIVIA! – YouTube

YouTube › watch 15:17

In this episode I am riding from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, to the border with Bolivia. I am entering Bolivia very remotely and at high …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Feb 21, 2020



[S2 – Eps. 57] Riding the Ruta de Las Lagunas in Bolivia by …

YouTube › watch 11:10

In this episode I am riding to Laguna Colorado on the Ruta de las Lagunas in Bolivia. I’m riding at high altitude on tracks which are not …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Feb 23, 2020


[S2 – Eps. 58] I’m LOST at 4600 meters altitude in BOLIVIA

YouTube › watch 20:56

[S2 – Eps. 58] I’m LOST at 4,600 meters altitude in BOLIVIA. 297K views 2 years ago. Itchy BootsItchy Boots. 1.51M subscribers. Subscribe.

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Feb 26, 2020


[S2 – Eps. 59] Surviving torrential downpour in Bolivia – YouTube

YouTube › watch 23:37

In this episode I am riding the last part of Ruta de las Lagunas in Bolivia, while on my way to Uyuni. I thought it would be a short 25 …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Feb 28, 2020


In this episode I’m leaving Uyuni and I’m riding to Potosi in Bolivia. Luckily, the road is newly paved, because there have been several …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 2, 2020



S2 – Eps. 61] WARNING: SHOCKING!! This is where your …

YouTube › watch 22:44

In this episode I am going deep into the Bolivian Silver mines at Potosi. Mine Caracoles is at 4400 meters altitude and the working …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 3, 2020


[S2 – Eps. 62] The crater of Maragua, Bolivia – Does it exist?

YouTube › watch 16:56

In this episode I am riding my Royal Enfield Himalayan from Potosi to Maragua. A route through stunning mountains, with the goal of reaching …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 6, 2020




[S2 – Eps. 63] Why you should visit Maragua, BOLIVIA!

YouTube › watch 16:02

I am riding from Maragua in Bolivia to Tomina, via Sucre. Riding through the valley of Maragua was absolutely fantastic!

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 9, 2020


[S2 – Eps. 64] Che Guevara was EXECUTED right here..

YouTube › watch 16:15

In this episode, I am riding to the tiny village La Higuera in the jungle of Bolivia. This is where more than 50 years ago, Che Guevara got killed

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 11, 2020



[S2 – Eps. 65] I’m STUCK here in Bolivia. – YouTube

YouTube › watch 14:54

I am stuck in La Higuera in Bolivia. Heavy rainfall made the tracks impossible and too dangerous to attempt. I don’t want myself skidding …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 13, 2020


[S2 – Eps. 66] Riding a motorcycle through THE CLOUDS! › watch 22:10

In this episode I try to reach Trinidad in Bolivia by boat. … 323K views 2 years ago #itchyboots #royalenfieldhimalayan #motovlogger.

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 16, 2020


[S2 – Eps. 67] Bolivia in the rainy season – LANDSLIDES!

YouTube › watch 17:07

Riding a motorcycle through Bolivia in the rainy season can be tricky! In this episode, I am riding to a small place called Independencia.


In this episode, I’m riding 370 kilometers from Independencia to the capital of Bolivia: La Paz. More rain is predicted so I’m racing against …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 20, 2020


[S2 – Eps. 69] Trying to get out of Bolivia because corona virus …

YouTube › watch 21:31

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has caused many countries to close their borders suddenly. I was having a great time in La Paz, Bolivia …

YouTube · Itchy Boots · Mar 23, 2020