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The Maverick Investor’s Handbook 2023 (160 pages)

Unlock the secrets to building a resilient global portfolio with renowned Dow 30 companies

Cracking the Maverick Code 4 th Quarter 2023 (322 pages)

A quarterly companion to The Maverick Investor’s Handbook with in-depth reports on all Dow 30 companies

Stock Market Literacy 2023 (616 pages)

Understand and master the market with this all-inclusive guide, offering insights for every sector, most countries.

Trader Wizard 2023 (381 pages)

A trader’s concise guide to mastering diverse asset classes and successful trading strategies.

Sharing Market Insights with an
Experienced Portfolio Manager

Meet Bill Cara, an acclaimed investment pro who speaks out on market risks, opportunities, and inequities. With four decades of industry leadership and twenty years of daily market commentary, Bill has built a blog and book readership ranked as one of the most elite and enlightened communities. In his latest books, Trader Wizard 2023, Stock Market Literacy, and The Maverick Investor’s Handbook, he shares a unique perspective on approaching the stock market that can't be found in the classroom.

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Bill is a former Wall Street insider and blogger Barron’s called exceptional and Forbes said was “Best of the Web” with Seeking Alpha, and then “Our Favorite”

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Discovering Bill Cara is more important to investors than finding a great stock investment. In Bill, individual investors have found an independent, principled, intelligent, experienced teacher and advocate. If you want to learn about markets and trading, buy his books!

Ermanno Pascutto
Investor and Former International Securities Regulator

Bill Cara’s STOCK MARKET LITERACY should be in every business library. This is “everyman’s” portable master of capital markets in one oversized volume. Study, learn, discuss, and debate. They don’t teach this in MBA schools. There is nothing else like it!

Tony Garson
Professional Mining Analyst and Investor

Nobody graduates with a Stock Market PhD. Capital markets are global and complex, moving in ways no novice can comprehend. Bill brings a vast multi-decade expertise that every level of participant can refer to for guidance.

Stephen Wellman
Entrepreneur and Investor

Buy this book and read it immediately to take control of your future. Stock Market Literacy reads like a conversation with Bill Cara and is logically divided into accessible and succinct lessons. As you study each lesson, you will develop the ability to discern the signal from the noise independently.

Dan D

A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor. And would a sailor ever leave port without a compass? Stock Market Literacy is a must-read if you are serious about learning to navigate on your own! It is a fantastic bite-sized format for revisiting your lifelong journey in the rough seas that are the markets.

Matt O

I’ve learned from Bill that the market is a marathon, and it takes a specific set of skills to run that marathon.

Leslie R

Trader Wizard is a must-read for any investor on the stock market. I found the book informative and helpful, and Mr. Cara generously shares his techniques and sources. He is that rare combination of thinker and doer, and I cannot recommend his books too highly. The cost is the best investment you will make.


Bill Cara has produced an important book on modern financial markets. He has achieved this despite (a) the difficulty of going from blog to book, (b) the difficulty of packing a lifetime of knowledge into hundreds of pages, and (c) the difficulty in deciding on the knowledge and experience of the targeted reader.


Bill's books represent the foundational knowledge behind his methodologies. It synthesizes a systematic market/stock analysis approach utilizing different market disciplines and their respective tools. He also provides resources for other information he considers important to investing/trading skills.


When I bought the Trader Wizard book, I was hopeful I could understand and use a good part of it. Actually, I have understood most of it. The level of information is comprehensive yet explained in terms I can understand. It will be an important book for me for some time to come.