Bill Cara


Introducing the Maverick Investor Program

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? Look no further than MAVERICK INVESTOR – a dedicated space designed to empower novices, students, career-changers, and retirees on their journey toward financial independence through securities investment and trading.

Bill Cara: Your Mentor and Guide

I’m here to provide unwavering support to individuals from all walks of life, no matter where you are in the world. With a successful career on Wall Street under my belt, I’ve now turned the tables and am committed to paying it forward by sharing my knowledge and insights.

Focused Approach

Let's get one thing straight from the start: MAVERICK INVESTOR isn’t about trying to cover the entire market. Instead, I’m diving deep into the world of blue-chip, internationally prominent Dow 30 companies – names like Apple, Microsoft, and Visa — and their stock prices.

What to Expect

Prepare for an engaging experience at I’m all about keeping you in the loop with key news updates and insights that could impact your Maverick Investor Portfolio in the weeks and months ahead. My weekly Maverick blogs and reports are designed to be easily digestible, taking just 3 to 4 minutes to read. I understand that most folks read financial content at a pace of around 200 words per minute, so I’m aiming for a concise 400 to 800 words. And for those of you who crave more in-depth knowledge, I'll include links that allow you to dive deeper into specific topics.

Laser-Focused Analysis

Our entire focus? The Dow 30 stocks. Get ready for a comprehensive breakdown of each company’s performance, complete with week-by-week shifts. Anticipate detailed examinations, including quarterly reports, Value Line analyses, changes in Timeliness, Safety, Financial Strength Rating, Wall Street analyst buzz, and technical indicator Alerts or Buy/Sell Signals.

Here’s what’s on the Maverick Investor weekly radar:

– Updates from our Maverick Investor Koyfin portfolio management toolkit.

– Monitoring the portfolio’s Price Trends and Cycles, Volatility, Analyst Ratings, and Value Line Timeliness and Safety reports.

– Staying informed with key economic and financial news from various sources.

– Keeping an eye on CNN Fear and Greed data.

– Bill Cara’s portfolio outlook and key factors to watch in the upcoming week.

– Curious about the stocks in the $5,000 starter portfolio? Take a peek right here. You’ll be starting with whatever dollar figure you wish.

Accessible Formats

The Maverick Investor report doesn’t stop at written content. You’ll receive it in print and (when available) audio formats like a “Help You Invest” weekly article.

The Real Deal: Alerts and Signals

Pay close attention to Accumulation Zone (AZ), Distribution Zone (DZ) alerts, and Buy and Sell signals. These are our version of a weather service’s watch versus warning system. An alert is your “heads up” to delve into data due to increased risk or reward. Conversely, a signal indicates a significant development in the intermediate (9-12 months) or long-term (24-48 months) landscape.

Interactive Learning Community
Here at MAVERICK INVESTOR, we believe in active participation. While reading and preparing are essential, our Q&A sessions offer a powerful learning tool. No question is too “dumb” – your curiosity fuels our discussions. Remember that words matter; questions may differ but often lead to the same point. Similarly, my answers may carry nuances, but they’re crafted to cater to everyone.

Your Journey Starts Now

There you have it – MAVERICK INVESTOR action tailor-made for you. It’s time to dive in, become informed, and embark on your way to financial empowerment! Buy the Maverick Investor’s Handbook and register your purchase here. Next time you return, go to Subscriber Logon.