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Bill Cara

I was hoping to diarize my operation and recovery but am not up to it. Doctors will tell you that radical open Nephroureterectomy for an octogenarian is not a simple matter. I was released six days after the operation and then returned on the eighth day to have the urinary catheter removed. At that point, I was able to walk on my own out of the clinic through the hospital to the pick-up. But whenever I stretch the injured area by sitting down or standing up, the pain and fatigue returns. With painkillers, I don’t have the clear head to follow the market or to blog. It’s time to drink fluids, walk a lot, and get as much rest as possible. In a few months, I will be back to normal. I am not going to rush it.


Their plans are more and more bizarre:

Zoom founder Eric Yuan: AI at work will be letting us all create something he calls a “digital twin” — essentially a deepfake avatar of yourself that can go to Zoom meetings on your behalf and even make decisions for you


David Rosenberg –

James Connor and David Rosenberg discuss the U.S economy and how to prepare for the coming recession and collapse.


John Seo: Catastrophe Bonds and the Investor Choice Problem

Dr Seo holds a PhD in Biophysics from Harvard University and a BS in Physics from MIT plus 30 years’ experience in fixed income bond and derivatives trading


United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has declared that mRNA COVID-19 injections do not qualify as vaccines under traditional medical definitions.


Since 2019:
– 971,000 more U.S.-born Americans are employed.
– 3,200,000 more immigrants are employed.
Most Employment Growth Since Pandemic Has Gone to Immigrants
Labor force participation for “prime age” U.S.-born men remains at historic lows


Forcing Americans out of their ICE vehicles:

Mileage by force…

April 18, 2024:
EPA: 373 pages: Multi-Pollutant Emissions Standards for Model Years 2027 and Later LightDuty and Medium-Duty Vehicles

June 7, 2024
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (They have no authority to set mileage standards)

1,004 pages: Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks for Model Years 2027 and Beyond and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks and Vans for Model Years 2030 and Beyond

EPA’s Rule by itself will force EV sales to be up to 69% of new vehicle sales by 2032:

Bill Cara

Removal of body parts has led to welcomed weight loss. That plus a lot of Jello and no alcohol has caused my weight to drop from 225 to 215, which is still too much. Being tall disguises the weight. Unfortunately I have never been tall and slim after my first year in college when I was six feet and 165. At graduation I was up to 185. The years added more. Covid was the worst. Up to 245, I am on the way down to 200, hopefully a bit less.

Bill Cara

Controlling the Narrative

Even with no TV or PC in the past week, our phones enable us to communicate with the world, easily. Whether our personal situation (mine in significant pain in a hospital room with a mind dulled from painkillers) puts us on mute, the messages we receive are non-stop and intense. All marketing communications today are hard-sell, softened only by pretty faces, graphical images and music. The news is all “breaking news” even if you knew the details hours earlier. Today, the New York Times magazine covered “Stories are Weapons,” the work of journalist Annalee Newitz, which is a study of how narratives are used to manipulate and deceive. A prime example today comes from Gaza where the Israelis are rejoicing over the recovery of four hostages and Hamas telling us the military operation killed 200 and injured 400. Every story is one of joy or horror depending on the narrator, not the facts.

Early in my career, I learned that creating value was the supreme goal. The purpose in life has shifted to controlling the narrative. I will recover from the pain of my surgery but will I ever get over the sadness I feel for the future of our children whose lives will be devoted to marketing.

p.s. Please excuse the rambling and typos. I am pretty groggy and sleepy, typing with one thumb and trying to think at the same time, which is difficult.

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Startup Brings New Hope to the Pursuit of Reviving Frozen Bodies
Laura Deming sees potential in a corner of longevity science with decades of failed promises.


This is what a failed bond auction looks like…
The day New York city had a $260 million dollar bond auction and no one showed up

Will history repeat itself at an upcoming Treasury auction? How will Janet Yellen react?


LOL! $260mil is chump change now!

  • The Post’s Jennie Taer reports that Biden’s team has quietly closed some 350,000 asylum cases over the last 2½ years — terminating the cases while neither granting asylum nor ordering deportation; the illegal migrant is free to move freely around the country as if he or she was never intercepted at the border.
  • Don Barnett of the Center for Immigration Studies found that Biden has created at least eight different programs that allow 3.3 million migrants, most of the illegal entrants, to get work permits, end-running the laws that supposedly require a half-year wait before even applying for the right to work legally — with another 1.4 million cases in the pipeline.

Gunman who shot 2 NYPD cops revealed to be migrant who recently crossed into US via Eagle Pass: sources


Sad day in NY as the Rangers were dumped in ECF last night score of 2-1. Florida Panthers are a good team and played well throughout while the Rangers underperformed.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former Trump press secretary, I was shocked to find out that she became Governor of Arkansas.


Whoa, Trump convicted on all 34 counts. He is the first American president convicted as a felon. I guess that’s the end of MAGA 2024?

Bill Cara

I can update from calling Trump “despicable and corrupt” to “despicable and a felon.”

the next verdict will be in November. I suspect conviction will turn off about 2.5% of Trump supporters, which would be enough to swing a victory by the Dems.

Now MAGA will go after a similar prosecution of Biden so that the balance of voters evens out. That will lead to Biden stepping down in favor of a different party candidate.

History was made today but I believe the next 5 months will see a lot more history.

Bill Cara

I support GOP but justice was done today and will eventually be done in several other prosecutions Trump faces. Only then will MAGA be a sad footnote in US history.

Now is the time for 30 and 40-year olds to join the New Conservative GOP. We need to be ready for 2028.


I was wrong in thinking that convicted felons cannot run for the Presidential office. Apparently, they can.


I did read that after the conviction, some 20% of former Trump supporters changed their minds. Has to be taken with a huge grain of salt, since these polls are not highly reliable and sample size was not stated. Still. I think the convictions influenced his popularity.


“The Bloomberg natural language processing model analyzes Fed speeches and currently shows FOMC members moving toward a tightening bias…”


…and more than $200 billion in foreign investment lost since 2015.


“The collapse of a fintech firm with 10 million users has left many Americans without access to their money”


Imagine being 19 years old and watching live on TV to see if your birthday will be picked to fight in the Vietnam war.


Egypt and Israel troops exchanged fire near a Rafah checkpoint after Israel hit Rafah with a missile attack on a refugee camp that killed 35 on Sunday. This doesn’t appear to be letting up.

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Victor David Hansen author of “The End of Everything”, “is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution (Stanford University); his focus is classics and military history”


Michael Howell “Cross Border Capital” on current global liquidity: 
“Metals and Mining have let us share this recent podcast about Global Liquidity and the outlook for commodities and other assets…”