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Goldman Sachs is no longer referring to the Mag 7. The market is now the Mag 1 — NVIDIA


Podcast EP 143 Chips and Guacamole (Feb 21)
Chips save the world! 21 Premium Member Charts Today.
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Congratulations IOVA … we were posting you at $ 4 last year….This man was buying $$ million’s in Iovance..

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While we all wait for the FOMC minutes and $NVDA earnings…
5 Hindrances to Self-Mastery | Shi Heng YI Tedx Talks
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The fallout from the collapse of the CCP will be huge but you would not know it from the financial media. Not only the fallout from the stock market and debt market but also the fallout from the grifters in Washington DC whose CCP ties will be exposed like now (R)Mitch McConnell’s wife’s family. McConnell is yet another of the 50 year embedded political grifter species in DC. He is literally married to the CCP, yet no FBI raid ever. It will go deeper because nobody in Washington DC or the US universities are angels. It will also hit Canada, Australia and the EU.

You do not own property in China. If you buy a condo its a 70 year lease on the land its on. Who owns the land? Hmmm, oh, the CCP! With the collapse of Evergrande and a host of others I was wondering when the Western banks would take their hit! Here is one today.

Shares of HSBC Holdings (HSBC0005.HK) are moving lower Wednesday morning as the universal bank took a $3 billion hit from its operations in China, taking its quarterly profit down 80%. In addition, the company’s guidance raised concerns with some analysts who called it unclear.

Here in Texas it seems a high up CCP member tied to Evergrande who took money and got out of China and bought a ranch in Texas over by Austin has committed suicide. Like the CCP professor at Stanford last year who was caught funneling science data to the CCP. He also was forced to commit suicide.

Xi is looking for those who were involved in the Evergrande failure to either pay up, go to jail or die. You chose, but its anything other than the CCP’s fault. That’s how it works in Russia and the DC.

The story goes the Chao family was trying to cover the “car accident up” by first saying she was hit by a drunk driver and then she accidently went into a pond. Turns out the real story is still being covered up by the police because in actuality she drove her own car into her own pond on her own ranch and died and the car was sitting on the bottom of a 15ft deep pond with her in it. This is the CCP who is still a member of the UN and the WHO and the WTO.

  • Foremost Group CEO Angela Chao, the sister-in-law of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, was pronounced dead after her car went into a pond at a private property located about 40 miles west of Austin, Texas, officials said.
  • Chao’s death, which was first announced by her family on Wednesday, is under investigation by the Blanco County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Chao, a double Harvard graduate who became CEO of the dry bulk shipping company Foremost in 2018, was married to venture capitalist Jim Breyer.
  • She is the sister of Elaine Chao, who served as Secretary of Transportation in the Trump administration and as Secretary of Labor in the administration of former President George W. Bush.

CNBC-Angela Chao, CEO of Foremost Group and the sister-in-law of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, died after her car went into a pond on a private ranch about 40 miles west of Austin, Texas, authorities said Friday.

Chao’s family on Wednesday announced she died in a car accident on Sunday, but did not disclose details of the incident at that time.

On Friday, the Blanco County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that on Saturday, it “responded to a possible water rescue on a private ranch located in Blanco County, TX.”



Being added to the DOW 30 just in time for buy side to sell to passive investors?

BREAKING: Jeff Bezos has escalated his sell-off of Amazon shares, offloading an additional $2.37 billion worth. This latest transaction brings the total value of his sales to a staggering $8.4 billion over the past two weeks.


NAT GAS @ $1.80

We’ll see how that goes. The story is the two biggest producers will cut production and one plant is out on service, but the nat gas sector has always suffered because of debt. If you owe banks and the only way to make payments is to keep producing then you do not really have the luxury of cutting production like OPEC does. Seems these US producers might think they can be a mini-OPEC for nat gas.

That said we are bouncing off 25 year lows now. See the chart. Not all time lows but close to it since the all time low in Jan 1992 was $1.17. The all time high was in Sept 2005 at $14.15. Was there a war in 2005? Did Russia cut off supplies? No it was a combo of a perfect storm of storage issues and production but then shale fracking changed the dynamics and the price of nat gas fell. The “father” of modern shale fracking, the first to make it economical, was George Mitchell of Mitchell Energy later merging into Devon Energy. North of Houston is The Woodlands an upper class community designed and built by George Mitchell. Mitchell also revitalized Galveston Texas Strand District where he was born and grew up. In 2010 he and Warren Buffet and Bill Gates became part of the “Giving Pledge”. He died in 2013, but left a lot of his wealth with he and his wife’s foundation which supported a lot of colleges in Texas.

KAIMU holds CVX and XOM instead of more nat gas specialized companies like CHK. It seems CHK has had problems with solvency in the past and so it seemed a better bet to diversify with CVX and XOM. Although since 2021 after C11 reorg CHK share price has increased 100% and has been paying a 4.7% dividend. You could have done much worse over the past three years!


Absolutely… Having David Strawn involved is a huge plus….the Crispr’s are big proponents of iPSC , as Editas based it’s SLEEK technology on these cells

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My best offering is probably going to be trade wise, on a comparative basis….will start



In the past there was virtually no mention of the Tennessee mining op in news releases or presentations. Now their presentations show the mining vertical in their business plan clearly putting it in front of investors more.

Lockheed Martin
GKN Aerospace
Carver Pump

They need more defense clients and since it seems Apple is making a big push to put titanium on their new iPhones maybe even Apple as a client.

The slide show highlights are:
Slide#3-IPX Reshore Plan
Slide #5 and #14 -Showing why we need to Reshore US mined and made
Slide #6 -Shows current high cost of processing
Slide #7 #21 #22 #23 -Shows Low Cost new IPX HAMR process
Slide #13 -Titan Project mining op
Slide #16 -High value near term catalysts coming in Q2 2024

Recycled titanium will be fed through the IPX HAMR process until new titanium mine is operational. That will be 2025.


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Reduced MAG Silver and in general have been reducing exposure to Mexico. No silver miner is doing well south of the border at the moment.


Bloom Energy off another 9.5% has not traded this level since June 2020. Lithium stocks continue to get pounded. Watching Arcadium which is the resultant of the Livent-Allkem merger. No positions.


$AMD to Present at Arete Investor Event Q&A is live now. Keep in mind this is all narrative and is likely all priced in. It is merely for context. It is live now at 1:20pm ET


AEM….BOT WEDGIE….2024 could be chop sideways…then break…
Patience needed here for a few months while the bots fight it out..


Had shunned IMG for years, but the Côté Gold project kind of changed my mind, good to see diversification into Canada.


13% of year completed. Are you happy with the work you have done in that time? Are you ahead or behind? 87% of the year is ahead of you. Go get it!


For sure … Latest look saying BTC $ 60k March 2…. Believe it when I sees it !!


And, again, to paraphrase Neil Young ( as you knew Neil’s father on those early commutes ), ” Hey, hey, my, my, Cara Community will never die “…. Thankful beyond words….

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GOLD $2,100 IS KEY

Like the Nassau pirate tourist t-shirts say, “The beatings will continue until morale improves!” Anyone holding gold the past year is feeling defeated while they watch BTC go above $52,000 and the tech move higher and higher. I love that!

Gold cannot just kiss $2,100 for a day, but must close above $2,100 and stay above $2,100 on a weekly chart. We are so close to seeing Gold positive on a week, month and yoy basis, but it only matters if Gold closes above $2,100 and stays there. So far the Gold chart looks like below. Note the magic number 2-1-0-0!


Bullion, which I started accumulating in 2002, albeit on a small scale, I’m not unhappy at all. Miners, been tortured by them but holding on.

I’m beginning to think, similar to Weimar Germany, that ppl are getting out of the currency, but instead of buying precious metals, they are plowing it into the stock market and esp tech.


Yep, even in Weimar days you could trade Bayer stock cert for a house!

Bill Cara

Would love a photo baz


I really do exist..!
I’ll dig one up

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Bill Cara

I hope that when Pat and I get to NC, we don’t find a ghost!