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Silver too


This Discount never expires for Bill Cara Community members. I have a lower discount avail for Memorial Day but here is a reminder you all have a 25% off code.

Sample of testimonials:

“Hi NYUGrad, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your being my mentor. I wish our path’s crossed years ago, I would likely be more independent.

The balance area, moving averages, breadth and volume are all I watch now. Also retracements help. I am drawing lots of horizontal lines lately. Fits in with the stage 1-4 of a stocks base, rise, topping and decline.

The hardest thing for me to overcome is standing back after a big move, which I have already cashed in, and not try again for that last few %. like a month ago. 

I lived thru 99 and 07, so I should know how this movie goes forward. But its those damn emotions (fomo) that constantly need work, that’s why I like your format of drilling it in. It really does work.

Anyway, I am doing much better, thanks so much for the confidence to keep with it.”

J.S (Paying Subscriber)

“I signed up for premium after your ‘4 kisses’ podcast last week. Today, already,on my first ‘premium’ day , I learned technique that’s easily worth the full year’s payment. Thank you for what you do.” – M. (Paying Subscriber)

Thanks for consistent, quality content. It’s educational and has paid for itself several times over.

Even though I don’t actively trade, there’s so much usefulness in the daily podcast for navigating the bigger picture for my 401(k) and IRA. Often you touch on factors that will impact my clients at my day job, so it’s useful there too.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there’s a “Zen and the art of” quality to your world. it’s educational, elucidating, and exists at the intersection of theory and practice. Thoughtful and worthwhile!

Will (Paying Subscriber)


Can’t wait for the newsletter. But get back on track with health 1st


Gemini, paint $NVDA


Remember what I wrote…back on Jan 15th,

We only need the NQ and the TRIFECTA IS COMPLETE…


 January 15, 2024 5:12 pm
Who here remembers the DOW 30K Barrons article right before Covid hit. Well, here we are heading towards DOW 40k not that long after that fateful January 2020 print. Which will be the first major news program to print DOW 40k hats and articles?
The headlines will read the following
DOW 40000 S&P 5000 Nasdaq 20000
Then go and hide ur money somewhere safe my friends…..This market will no longer be a value play and the sheep will be left holding the bag.


Rumors, rumors…but, this one may make sense…Tata Motors and connection to Fisker


Was never a big fan of Red Lobster; just once in a while; I do miss Howard Johnson’s restaurants from when I was a kid; once the largest restaurant chain in America; Tim Horton’s is pretty decent too. Sad story about Tim Horton, and his wife got ripped off by his business partner.

Bill Cara

Nvidia (NVDA) reports big earnings.

The stock has boomed in after-hours trading. Apparently, the broad market Bull is still a thing.

As I say, wait until the Fed cuts rates (and investors begin to fear deflation) before thinking broad market Bear.

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Yep Bill I got this from Morgan Stanley today saying the same.

Sadly there is nothing to stop BlackRock and Vanguard and any other HB&Bers from “loaning” their clients bought and paid for shares to criminal shortists and assorted hedgies! At IB you can sign up to share in loan fees of your shares. Not sure why anyone would want to loan their shares out to get shorted? I do not think there is a lot of money in splitting the fee for the shareholder. The only positive is hoping your shares drop in price to buy lower. I for one do not like giving up control of any shares I own whether it is for loaning or voting.

There is nothing stopping BlackRock from voting those same shares either. How many retirees who are against ESG and DEI know their retirement fund is voting against them?

Come to think about it nothing stops the Pelosi types from insider trading either!


Lithium dropped substantially in 2023, as did nickel. I think they both come back in time. I used to like Livent and Allkem for lithium, they have since combined into one company.

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10:30 am. $SLV 10M shares traded. Vs $SPY 4m shares traded. Vanishing volume


Google CEO Sundar Pichai says AI search will actually help the web

On this special episode of Decoder, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sat down with Nilay Patel this week following the company’s I/O developer conference to talk about the state of AI, the major changes rolling out now to Google Search, and the future of the web.
00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Language vs intelligence
04:06 – Future of Google Search
07:31 – “Google Zero” & website decline
10:11 – AI Overviews
14:15 – OpenAI’s Sora & fair use training
17:09 – Compensating creators for content
21:45 – The rise of AI spam
25:02 – Testing AI Overviews in Google Search
30:31 – Multimodal search & competing with OpenAI
32:47 – Solving AI hallucinations
35:57 – What the web looks like in 5 years


2% inflation is Alice in Wonderland…. It will never get there… Who is Powell really working for ?…KFC two piec meal was $ 6 four years ago…it’s $ 10 now… Construction materials has tripled since 2013… Home prices ??.. y’all know what’s what


Will add that I had two ( of 4 ) catalytic sensors replaced last week … In 2020 labor was $ 75/hr… Now, $ 125/hr. ( Total$ 1,200.00 )… good reason to own EV

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Noticed Norges and Prentice bought around 4 million shares of Fisker on May 15… I increased my position Friday… believe Henrik and Getta will step down

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Is Apple talking with Fisker ?… The Fisker PEar was planning to do electronics at Foxconn, USA…

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Yes Bill it is catastrophic indeed. There is an extra added crime effect to this crisis that did not exist in 2008.

Its been a domino effect and its closing down NYC and all other DNC cities where crime and lawlessness is tolerated. While some employers allow work from home others can’t expect their employees to run a crime filled gauntlet to work every day. I have commuted to work in NYC before in the 1980s. I would not do it now.

This is a great source for boots on the ground in NYC.


I can’t speak for other cities, but I have lived here since 1980. It is beyond saving short term. It will take many many years.

I. We have the most backward laws on crime. There is a thing called Speedy Trial laws. Add a backlog of thousands of cases for violent offenders and guess what happens?

Speedy trial gives the offender the right to a fast trial. 180 days for a felony to be exact. So both the prosecutor and public defender knows the trial prob wont be heard in time. If it doesn’t the criminal walks! free. Can’t be charged again.

So what do the two lawyers do? rather than waste the case and no one gets anything, they plea the deal to nothing, they both get a win, and the felon walks anyway.

II. the people vote democratic no matter what! it can be horrible politicians like Deblasio but it simply does not matter who. Rather than standing up for fixing the city, they keep voting a color or team. And nothing ever changes

III. The new congestion pricing for driving in Manhattan south of 61st street 7 days per week. This will destroy local businesses. Watch

IV. Education is so bad I do not know how they can fix it

V. Taxation is even worse than California. All the ultra rich park their money in $10m homes but don’t actually live here. the only reason they buy a 5 bed condo is the real estate tax is the same on a $10m 5 bed as a 5 bed avg across the 5 boroughs of NYC. Pennies for the billionaires and a way to park millions. They tried to fix this tax law but it always gets crushed by the wealthy. too be honest they all would leave if this law was reversed.

VI. Mass Transit and the budget is very very red. No more money anywhere. They will continue to need to raise taxes like the congesting driving fees.

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Photo taken this am.

Same man said:

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

-Benjamin Franklin


I used to commute from Newark and another time from City Island. From City Island had to take the bus.

The same “DNC or noting” type voting happens in Houston too. Same in LA and SF etc. Same in Hawaii, but after the Maui Fires I think the DNC lost the Hawaiian vote. I guess it takes the mass murder of an entire city to wake up (D)voters. Those Lahaina residents are still living off the one time FEMA $700 they got almost a year ago! That works out to be $78 a month the Lahaina survivors get. Hawaiians are super pissed about that now, but lets see if they are pissed off enough to quit voting (D). Talk is cheap!

You went to NYU. I know two 20 year olds from Las Vegas who went to NYU and graduated and then got out of NYC asap. That was about three years ago. How does anyone send their kids to NYU in such violent and unsafe conditions in 2024 given the lawlessness just gets worse?


It’s a numbers game. Majority survive fine. Per captia it isnt bad. But those that do become victims, really get it.


Bullion banks continue to increase silver and gold paper shorts; they are net short 187.6 Million oz of silver w/mkt value 5.9 Billion. Net short 20.25 Million oz of gold worth 49 Billion. Data as of Tues 14 May. Those positions lost over a billion on Friday alone. I doubt these guys could deliver if called on. Some believe they raid the ETFs (GLD, SLV) to acquire physical when needed, buying shares and requesting delivery.