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Surprised with the crowdstrike issue and many locked out from banks and electronic trading platforms, that more would wake up to physical assets


Aloha Bill,
I have heard everything from “profit taking” to “Trump backs crypto” to “weak longs” and yada yada yada. In the end for me its a buying op.

Its also the entire commodity sector oil & gas also!

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Picked up more Vaultchain Silver today!


Bill, Hang in there! We have come a long way from the days when “C” was an instant death sentence! Many go into remission.

Aside from the usual exercising and eating a healthy balanced diet low in sugar and salt I also incorporate fasting. I am not a doctor, but ancient time humans and animals use fasting. Not much cancer in the hunter gatherer days!


AI has a big data problem

Premise is that AI cannot evolve if it continues to cannibalize stale training data.


Regional banks are up 12% in less than a week. Rate cut leak anyone? Get ready for sell the news


Was Fed Beige Book leaked? 🎧 #242 (July 16)
Show notes:
WARNING: Small caps cannot hold the markets up by themselves forever.
40 + charts. Housing, Precious metals and Crypto tonight
Paid Episode 29 min
Free Episode 12 min

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Bill Cara

Historical day for Gold today.

It’s about time.

Many more to come!


Tmrws Fed beige book was leaked. Just my hunch


Something is going to give


Rate cut hopes are pumping home builders and small caps. But 10yr went from 4.7 to 4.1% since April. Why didn’t this cause the same impact? This seems all too orchestrated


How long can the small caps hold up the entire market by themselves?


AI startups keep faking their product demos.

I do not wish for a recession, but there are societal benefits to tempering enthusiasm and weeding out charlatans.

Bill Cara

HB&B and supportive corporate media are complicit.

We thought ESG greenwashing was extreme, but what’s happening with AI is so much worse.

Bill Cara

Great news from the Uri-Oncologist.

The pathology report informed me that I had a rare Transitional Cell Cancer of the ureter that had spread to the surrounding fat, which means it was Stage 3. However, the cancer did not spread further and so the surgery is considered “curative.”

I will have bladder cystoscopy on Sept 3 and every three months afterwards. I will have a CT scan in Oct and periodically thereafter. I will be monitored for ten years.

The surgeon said the full recovery will take three months because this was a major surgery.

As I write, I am awaiting comprehensive blood testing.

Overall, I am relieved. This is good news!

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Very happy to hear those news Bill, you are a fighter!!

Bill Cara

Also, the surgeon said the possibility this cancer had gotten into the other (right) kidney was zero.

During the first cystoscopy procedure in March, the camera went through the bladder, up that ureter into the kidney. He explained to me what was happening and we conversed. It was during the investigation of the left side that he couldn’t get through the blockage. He stopped when the pain became unbearable. A month later, he did the same but under general anaesthesia. That is when he knew I had a serious problem. He could not even get up to the kidney. The pathology showed an aggressive cancer, and he told me, “No treatment is possible. No second opinion needed. I am scheduling immediate surgery as soon as you sign this form.” That is the moment I hoped I would never hear. But now, it’s over and I am greatly relieved.

I will be more relieved on Sept 4 after the surgeon thoroughly checks the bladder. But for now, I plan to return to developing a newsletter. The market is in a final stage of the bull market that appears to be a blow-off top as HB&B pumps and dumps their friends and family positions just as they did in 1999-2000 and again in 2006-2007. So this independent and objectively written newsletter should be a must-have guide to any serious investor.

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Awesome awesome news

Bill Cara

Gold is trading nearby all-time highs today.

Above 2454, there is no physical gold supply that could be sold at a profit. Sales will be short sales. Bullion Banks and producers will have to decide if they wish to continue going short or permit the buyers to take the price to the next level, which might be around 2800 according to some pundits.

As for me, the saying “The trend is your friend” applies today. I believe in the bullish case.

Bill Cara

Several key stocks have reached all-time highs after the open.

The market bull is clearly running. There are many warning signals but prices are continuing to rise.

I’m sounding like a broken record but we are now 8 months since I first opined the market bullishness would remain intact until the Fed cut its policy rate, which I still believe is most likely to happen in mid-December.

Mr Market says that a rate cut will send stock prices higher but my belief is that investors will then start worrying about deflation (assuming that’s the real reason for the rate cut) and its negative impact on corporate earnings.

As for me, I have had six weeks recovery from the surgery that removed a kidney and ureter. I feel I need another three or four weeks for a full physical recovery. Tomorrow is when my surgeon provides a cancer pathology report and prognosis. At this point, psychology is the issue.


When is enough hate enough.. ?… ..Probably never… Like I said, hate is Just like terminal cancer…it will eat you up from the inside…God bless the bystander that was killed…

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Well. I was going to post an op-ed about how the division in this country is not sustainable. Then I hear there was an atrempt on one of the candidates.

Whichever side you are on, left, middle or right, this now will cause a 24/7 media storm and all you will hear about is Trump.

These images will be shown everywhere after today.

We need to unify vs divide. But it looks like division 1st.

On the markets, bitcoin is rallying.

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Oddly, at this angle,( face to floor ) if President Trump had black hair his profile certainly resembles Elvis Presley… forehead, nose, lips and chin..

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34% of the S&P 500’s market cap gains so far this year can be attributed to Nvidia alone. Sleep well my friends


Lyn Alden: The PENSION PONZI and the slow motion FISCAL train wreck is about to CRASH

Bill Cara

Did US Monthly Consumer Inflation Drop?

More to the point: Do many of us really believe government produced economic data any more?

Isn’t it like the law, all politics now?

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No way. Everyone who lives on wages knows inflation is raging

Bill Cara

The price of Gold pops to $2407, up $36

I like Kinross.


Bought a little Orezone Gold at close to 52-wk low; W. Africa (Burkina Faso); producing somewhere between 120-140k oz annual at $1324 AISC.