Bill Cara


Bill Cara: A Maverick in the World of Investing

Meet Bill Cara, a seasoned investment professional with a career spanning over four decades following another decade in public accounting and management consultancy. Known for his insightful market commentary and innovative investment strategies, Cara has become a respected figure in the global financial community.

A Storied Career

Cara’s journey in the financial world began after graduating with honors from Laurier University, where he was awarded the Wall Street Journal Medal. He then embarked on a five-year career in public accounting, earning Chartered Accounting and Certified Management Accounting designations and an MBA from the night-school program at McMaster University.

After founding and operating a healthcare management systems consulting company for eight years, Cara switched careers to join Dominion Securities in Toronto, where he moved into portfolio management. He later founded the Eastern Canada offices of Canaccord Capital and was the co-founder, systems designer, and CEO of Qtrade Investor, which soon became Canada’s #1 electronic brokerage firm. He has served on committees for the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Canadian Securities Administrators. He has been invited to present his views to the Senate of Canada Banking Committee, among other important forums.

A Passion for Education

Cara is the internationally known author of “Stock Market Literacy” (2023), “Trader Wizard 2023”, and “Lessons from the Trader Wizard” (hardcopy 2008 and e-book 2012). His daily writings on for 20 years have been recognized by Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and Investment Executive publications.

His latest books, The Maverick Investor’s Handbook and Cracking the Maverick Code, are designed for novices, students, career-changers, and retirees who seek to build a lifelong securities portfolio. Readers are encouraged to break away from ubiquitous and overwhelming Wall Street recommendations, confident in their simple yet effective long-term Maverick investment strategy.

A Unique Investment Philosophy

As a market strategist and tactician, Cara believes in studying and applying corporate fundamentals, macroeconomic data, and market timing technical indicators while investing in companies, not ETFs. As a US-based Financial Advisor, he offers clients a diverse range of portfolios, including a portfolio strategy of commodity-related equities (Gold, Silver, Copper, Uranium, Oil & Gas), where he has 40 years of in-the-field experience visiting mines from the Arctic Circle to Colorado to Vermont. Recently, he has promoted his Maverick Investor Program, which includes a deep fusion analysis of Dow 30 companies.

A Voice for the Investor

Cara is a vocal critic of Wall Street’s perceived unfair advantages and speaks out on market risks, opportunities, and inequities. His online community, the Cara Community, is a platform for individuals transformed by Cara’s mentorship to become Free Markets Patriots and Mavericks.

High Praise for Bill Cara

Bill Cara’s work has garnered attention and high praise from industry professionals. Here are some testimonials from those who his work has influenced:

Ermanno Pascutto, former Executive Director of the Ontario Securities Commission and Deputy Chair, Vice-Chair, and Executive Director of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, Member, Legislative Committee, Dubai Financial Services Authority, Director, Market Policy Division, Toronto Stock Exchange, and advisor to the World Bank,  praises Cara’s work, stating, “Discovering Bill Cara is more important to investors than finding a great stock investment. In Bill, individual investors have found an independent, principled, intelligent, experienced teacher and advocate. If you want to learn about markets and trading, buy his book!”.

W. William Woods, former senior partner (Far East) of a global law firm, in-house lawyer at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, founder, and CEO of Bermuda Stock Exchange, advisor to the Indian government on the creation of the National Stock Exchange of India, and advisor to the World Bank and IMF on capital market development in various countries. He wrote: “If you don’t believe that the internet empowers individuals to beat big corporations, then you have not met Bill Cara or visited his blog! Bill’s quotidian thoughts and trader window reach more people daily than many of the top Wall Street analysts. Bill is a leader in a new entrepreneurial class empowered by the democratizing power of technology.”

Bob Coffey, a former vice-chair of KPMG Canada, Managing Partner at Ernst & Whinney, and management consultant known professionally as “THE COACH,” commends Cara’s practical approach, saying, “Practical, provocative, educational, and meaningful information on wealth management that provides individuals with knowledge to handle their investment decisions.”.

David R. Strawn, an internationally renowned securities attorney and accomplished investor, says, “Having known Bill Cara, the ‘Trader Wizard,’ for well over 25 years, I’ve witnessed his remarkable ability to grasp the essence of things intuitively. Bill’s wisdom runs deep, cultivated through a blend of critical thinking, open-mindedness, keen understanding, extensive knowledge, and decades of valuable experience. His consistent generosity in sharing this wisdom freely with others is even more inspiring.”

Walter Niederberger, US Economic Correspondent, Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich, appreciates Cara’s unique perspective, stating, “A unique, very practical guide through the financial jungle: Bill Cara explains how individual investors can be successful in often times obscured markets and at the same time get a better understanding of the behavior of the big players.”.

These testimonials underscore the impact of Cara’s work and commitment to empowering investors with the knowledge they need to navigate the complex investing world. His books, “The Maverick Investor’s Handbook” and the quarterly supplement, “Cracking the Maverick Code,” are available for those who wish to embark on a lifelong journey towards financial empowerment and growth with the help of an industry guru who became Forbes “Best of the Web.”


Bill Cara’s career is a testament to his dedication to financial literacy and his commitment to providing investors with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of investing. Whether you’re a novice or veteran, investor or trader, advisor, lawyer, or accountant, participating in the Cara Community at could be a transformative step in your investment journey.