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If you think there is some sort of benevolent reason CBDC is being introduced then think again. Mao would be proud of CBDC. He would be proud of google, facebook, instagram, the old twitter and he would love tictoc! He could have been a tyrant using a lot less soldiers and gun barrels!

This was the main goal of Mao in 1940 to regulate capital as the state saw fit. The state was MAO so imagine reading this where it says “China’s economy must never be privately owned by the few”!. Let me translate that. The new communist idea is to trade out the few capitalist controlling the economy to the few CCP members, more precisely just … MAO! That’s worse than capitalism that’s just plain old MAFIA!

Read this Mao 1940 speech about his “new economy” and wonder in amazement as to how anything remotely marxist is being tolerated in 2024. Why is this the new Harvard or UC Berkeley or the new WH or FBI or CIA? Why is this the new WHO and UN? Why is this the new US FED and BIS? Why is this the new ESG and DEI? Larry Fink could now be Mao’s twin with his oppressive “regulation of retirees capital”. Its all about command and control!

Enterprises, such as banks, railways and airlines, whether Chinese-owned or foreign-owned, which are either monopolistic in character or too big for private management, shall be operated and administered by the state, so that private capital cannot dominate the livelihood of the people: this is the main principle of the regulation of capital.

This is another solemn declaration in the Manifesto of the Kuomintang’s First National Congress held during the period of Kuomintang-Communist co-operation, and it is the correct policy for the economic structure of the new-democratic republic. In the new-democratic republic under the leadership of the proletariat, the state enterprises will be of a socialist character and will constitute the leading force in the whole national economy, but the republic will neither confiscate capitalist private property in general nor forbid the development of such capitalist production as does not “dominate the livelihood of the people”, for China’s economy is still very backward.

The republic will take certain necessary steps to confiscate the land of the landlords and distribute it to those peasants having little or no land, carry out Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s slogan of “land to the tiller”, abolish feudal relations in the rural areas, and turn the land over to the private ownership of the peasants. A rich peasant economy will be allowed in the rural areas. Such is the policy of “equalization of landownership”. “Land to the tiller” is the correct slogan for this policy. In general, socialist agriculture will not be established at this stage, though various types of co-operative enterprises developed on the basis of “land to the tiller” will contain elements of socialism.

China’s economy must develop along the path of the “regulation of capital” and the “equalization of landownership”, and must never be “privately owned by the few”; we must never permit the few capitalists and landlords to “dominate the livelihood of the people”; we must never establish a capitalist society of the European-American type or allow the old semi-feudal society to survive. Whoever dares to go counter to this line of advance will certainly not succeed but will run into a brick wall.



Now who goes to jail? Let me go out on a limb here and speculate wildly … NOBODY!

The Court declares that Instrument of Commissioner’s Direction No. 12 issued on 7 September 2021 and Instrument of Commissioner’s Direction No. 14 issued on 14 December 2021 were unlawful under s 58 of the Human Rights Act 2019.

Since 2021 here in the USA over 1mil have died from covid. I remember when over 200,000 dead in 2020 was a “crime” worthy of jail during the DNC Presidential campaign.

It is so tiresome these elitists behave like tyrannical dictators and yet they turn around and demand voting for anyone but them is a threat to “democracy”!

Read for yourself HERE!



DRO was profitable in the Q4 for 2023, but based on tonight’s news release it seems their pipeline and profitability is rising fast.

KAIMU ASX sold 25% of position for 150% 1Y net gain.

  • FY23: record contracts and rapidly growing cash receipts
  • FY23 $73.5 million cash receipts, up 5x vs FY22
  • FY23 $55.1 million revenue, up 3x vs FY22
  • 80% of revenues are from repeat customers
  • The revenue vs cash receipt difference mostly due to advanced payments on product subscriptions (SaaS), warranties, as well as grants received
  • Largest geographical segment revenue contributions are US at 68% and Australia at 23%
  • FY23 is first profitable year, with $9.3 million profit after tax
  • Shareprice up 64% over 2023 (vs 9% for ASX300)
  • Cash balance of $57.9 million as of 31 Dec 2023, no debt or convertibles
  • Committed supply chain payments of $30 million
  • $30 million contracted backlog and pipeline of over $510 million*
  • Substantially completed expansion of the team to enable build, delivery and support of materially larger orders
  • Completed move to a larger Sydney facility (3x current floor space) in January, plus supply chain partners been rapidly expanding
  • No material cost to DRO to move, due to light capex model (heavy machinery work all outsourced) and landlord fitout incentive payments
  • Positions the company for $300-400 million annual production capacity
  • 115 team members including over 90 engineers
  • Favourable environment for DroneShield with rapidly rising counterdrone, defence and security spending globally
  • The Ukraine conflict continues to highlight the use of drones on the battlefield, which will continue driving increasing C-UAS orders even after the eventual ceasefire
  • Drones increasingly used across global conflicts, including Hamas terror attack on Israel

Moved some of those DRO:ASX profits into 5E Advanced Materials(5EA:ASX FEAM:NASDAQ)

ASX listed but fully California USA based with permits. Wouldn’t touch it now without those permits especially in California.

5E’s advanced materials business is underpinned by a low cost colemanite boron resource located in Southern California, which serves as the largest known new conventional boron deposit globally. The asset is further supported by its geographical advantage, infrastructure and permits in place, and light touch environmental footprint.

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I reported on this the past four years and the latest report card for AMLO, the current Mexico Presidente, is a resounding F+++! You can go to the BorderLand Beat website any day or hour of the week and read and see videos of the latest “beheadings dujour” in Mexico and now spreading to the USA through the DNC Open Border policy.

Reimagine you own a cattle ranch and the cartels want your land for growing marijuana. They come to you with a deal … Plata o plomo? Translation “silver or lead”? Further translation “we kill you and your family or you accept our very low payment for your land”! You go to the county recorders office and sign away your land or die. Not much of a choice. In the cartel world that is “eminent domain”! Now reimagine they need your mansion on the outskirts of Toronto or LA or Las Vegas or Great Exuma for a drug house. Plata o plomo? They want your yacht to run drugs and transport kids for their sex trade? Plata o plomo? This saying originated with Pablo Escobar way back, but that’s how long the Mexican and Colombian governments have failed. Now the US government is failing.

I was in Public Works projects in California where we bid multi-million dollar projects every year with the State. Sometimes there would be ten bidders on one project. Reimagine a cartel agent comes in with the plata o plomo offer and wins the bid for his cousin. Now we are seeing a total corruption of the infrastructure of a country. Or the cartel goes to the general contractors office and makes an offer to buy all the 500mcm copper reels on the project. Plata o plomo? It goes on forever. Lawlessness rules the land. Economics dies off and Mexico and the USA and Canada become another CCP, where criminals rule a country. Like the US Mafia the cartels integrate into “lawful businesses” but are tainted by corruption where competition is eliminated. Its happening in California nd New York right now on a huge scale. The cartels go where the “sanctuary” and the “gun free zones” are. The entire state of California is a “sanctuary state”! Soros and the WEF have cleared the way for the cartels and the DNC has made sure there is no US border. Why wouldn’t cartels go where the DNC rules?

The only solution is what El Salvador has done(see below). You jail every gang member for decades and make it inhumane. In other words you send a message to those who desire a “thug life” of robbing and killing. Its easy to solve, but not if you use DNC and Liberal Canadian “pretzel logic”. By allowing the cartel gangs to operate freely you destroy your economy and more thugs join the cartels because there is no jobs. Now you reverse course and jail in mass all the thugs and take away their guns then your economy and foreign investment comes back and the economy vastly improves and there are many more jobs. The destructive thug life cycle ends! In the CCP case the thugs are the CCP. Its moving like that with the DNC as Washington DC has become a cesspool of corruption on a scale not seen ever!

Mexico’s ‘Hugs, Not Bullets’ Crime Policy Spreads Grief, Murder and Extortion

Drug cartels have more towns and families in their grip under a presidential policy intended to quell gang violence by emphasizing public aid over policing

WSJ Feb 25, 2024
TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Mexico—Criminal gangs behind the U.S. drug epidemic are seeing accelerated growth, commanding greater control over more territory in Mexico, where they are largely free to murder rivals, neuter police, seize property and strong-arm municipalities into giving them public contracts.

Gangs affiliated with Mexico’s two largest drug cartels—battling to the death over market share—have grown in number and influence since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office in 2018. He eased up under a policy he called “hugs, not bullets.” Arrests by Mexico’s national guard, created under López Obrador to replace federal police, fell to 2,800 in 2022 from 21,700 in 2018, according to the national statistics agency.


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So many are fed up with the system as it is today. From the US Fed to the SEC to the CIA and FBI and most especially with Silicon Valley and their deals with the DC Devil that has resulted in so much corruption and death compliments of the WEF.

There is a super huge consumer block in the West that is ready to abandon the gatekeepers in favor of products that offer Freedom and Privacy and Simplicity! I came from the Land Of Linux in the 1990s. The solar came then in the 1990s too, but I for one was done with solar until Tesla Power Wall. Simplicity sold me! Freedom sold me!

Microsoft and Apple are gatekeepers and have shown themselves unethical and maniacal, especially in their corrupt government collaborations and not just DC … CCP!

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I use the ASX to find exploration plays that turn to mining plays. The really good ones get listed on the US NASDAQ exchange like IPX did. This is twice for the current IPX CEO. I doubled up on shares of IPX on the NASDAQ the first few weeks it launched.

I use an ASX platform to search for shares under $1A that exhibit a large one day or one hour price increase then I do a deeper dive into their assays and corp management and country risk to see if they are candidates to initiate a chihuahua position. That’s a small position of less than 5,000 shares usually, although IB forces you to do a minimum $500 buy on all ASX listed companies. Not for TSXV so I wonder why IB discriminates against the ASX? I would say 70% of the explorers have property in Western Australia on the ASX. I know Western Australia because I used to live there and still have mining pals there. There are so many explorers on the ASX that there isn’t a half a day that goes by when there isn’t an assay news release. Like I am following about eight ASX companies now waiting to put in a minimal buy if their assay made the grade. That’s how I found IPX and WA1, which was a big 2100% 1Y gain and its still in the exploration stage. I believe the stars are aligned for IPX in 2024. The target is $24, but a big DoD grant or adding another couple defense contractors like General Dynamics or Lockheed or Boeing will up the ante. Then again another 2008 and I will cash out!

YTD +62%
1Y +165%

YTD +55%
1Y +160%

I like the ASX platform because it adds another level to stock picking called the “noise level” which is essentially comment traffic numbers every day 24/7. A number of years in mining and it seems price and noise level before an assay is very useful as a guide to be in or be out. Something about miners and drillers they can’t seem to keep secrets! The Aussies tend to leak with their piss(slang for beer) and money. Then the ASX sends out a “brake letter” asking why the share price went up so much? Management usually answers a legalezed … “dunno”! I think after decades the guys who run the ASX know there’s hanky panky but for them its CYA! Aussies love to gamble!

I kind of doubt any of the basketguy bots waste their time running less than $1A microcap stocks on the ASX. Just not enough volume. Same on the OTC. Liquidity! Buy less than $1 and by time they get to $5 or like WA1 $13 the bots can have them! I think the bots are totally out of the ASX or TSXV or OTC explorer sector so that means fundamentals can still rule.

Do your own risk analysis.



For a long time the Fed Rates stayed at near 0% during the entire Obama regime. During the Trump era the rates were increased to 2.5% and now under Biden the Fed could not ignore the high inflation due to the destructive bidenomic policies so rates increased. By the Taylor Rule the rates during Obama should have been in the 3% range and now we see mortgage rates hitting 7%+ again. To address this many of the democrat politicians started calling for Powell to lower rates in Dec 2023. From California we have this one. What’s the reason for lowering the Fed rates? Its not rules based or even legally based its pure political corruption.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) urged Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Wednesday to “cut interest rates now” or risk guaranteeing the reelection of former President Trump.

“Powell should cut interest rates now given most of inflation was caused by supply shocks,” Khanna said in a post on X, formerly Twitter. “If he doesn’t, he may be the person most responsible for the possible return of Trump.” The Hill 12/27/2023

In all my life I have never seen more laws broken and freedoms revoked and lies told from the top echelons of government and media. All in an effort to prevent one political opponent from being elected in 2016 and re-elected in 2024. Stalin and Mao would be proud members of the DNC if they were alive today! Meanwhile the entire Western world is in collapse mode on a number of war fronts while all Western economies move into recession status and crime is rampant, especially in DNC cities. The corruption level is off the charts as it was planned in Davos.

The downtown areas of major DNC cities are so crime ridden businesses have closed or left or operate under prison conditions in lockdown. I can attest the Union Square in San Francisco used to be thriving now its been gutted by criminal AGs and DNC policy. As a reminder most of the US land is “red”. When you see the map from 2020 below make note all that red is where your food and energy comes from. This is why the EU Farmers had such an impact despite the WEF push back to end modern farming as we know it.


Which is why our Founders demanded “less government”.



Over on Yahoo Finance Cathie Wood of ARK complained about the injustice of the Delaware judge over the fiduciary duty and conflict of interest issues the Tesla board failed to observe. This was the warning I put out when I first came to this blog in 2006 about how the politics will bleed over into the markets. I put that message in one of my first posts here as to why I chose to have no managed retirement accounts like a BlackRock or Morgan Stanley annuity etc. Its so bad now that ROI is a dirty word! Its so bad that now “capitalism” is bad. The same Capitalism that gave away $500bil in charity last year!

WILMINGTON, Jan 31 (Reuters) – A Delaware judge tossed out Elon Musk’s record-breaking $56 billion Tesla (TSLA.O), opens new tab pay package on Tuesday, calling the compensation granted by the EV maker’s board “an unfathomable sum” that was unfair to shareholders.

Shares of Tesla dropped about 2% in premarket trade, and some investors seized on the ruling in hopes it might prompt Tesla to overhaul its governance.

The Tesla board has been criticized as failing to provide oversight of its combative, headline-making CEO, who has fought regulators and led several other companies at the same time.

The same judge could say the same about Mark Zuck and Facebook who actually led the FBI into their offices to control content on their platform.

Here is my reply to all this political judicial system.

To all those who subscribe to the judge ruling of conflict and fiduciary! Is it the same conflict the board at Facebook and Google and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have? Now with this ruling about 80% of big company CEOs should have their pay frozen.

Fiduciary duty? Are you kidding? Obama and Bush bailed out every major bank and GM a few years ago in 2009! Why didn’t any of those CEOs get their funds confiscated? Not frozen but confiscated. They got bonuses instead so stop with your talk about fiduciary and conflict! It was political. The (D) judge did not want Elon to spend his funds on electing a non(D) politician. It took 46 billionaires and Facebook and Twitter to get Biden in the WH! Stop falling for these never ending lies!

Turns out its bad news for Delaware and good news for Texas.

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The Department of Justice, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have all initiated investigations into Elon Musk or his businesses.

President Joe Biden said Elon Musk’s relationships with other countries are “worthy of being looked at,” though he declined to say whether the world’s richest man was doing anything inappropriate.

“I think that Elon Musk’s cooperation and or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at,” Biden said at a White House news conference Wednesday. “Whether or not he’s doing anything inappropriate — I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting they’re worth being looked at. But that’s all I’ll say.”



Russia and China and North Korea are mafia monopolies. The ccp mafia with its Don Mr Xi are paid their” taste” from the individuals in the provinces who create the economy and who create the wealth. It was not Xi or the ccp that created Alibaba from the ground up it was an individual and that individual spread the idea to other individuals and they formed a group to move that idea into production. There was a great deal of risk involved at the beginning when the ccp did not participate. Xi and the ccp took NO RISK and the ccp did none of the founding footwork to make Alibaba successful. Then it was not the ccp who saw the value in Alibaba it was the thousands of individual consumers in China that decided Alibaba had value and worth so they adopted the Alibaba in their daily activities. It was not Xi who is the important factor in Alibaba’s economic success it was Jack Ma. It was not the ccp that founded Alibaba and created the wealth over the years it was the Alibaba Group. All of that success originated from one or two individuals not the State and certainly not the top members of the ccp. Its the same all over the world. An individual like Jeff Bezos has an idea to sell books online and he starts Amazon. Joe Biden did not start Amazon and he took 0% risk. The US government took 0% risk. The US government was the corrupt force along with its politicized FBI and CIA that force Amazon and the likes of Twitter to join forces with the DNC and so it was with the ccp who forced Jack Ma to join the ccp. The ccp showed Jack Ma what would happen if he refused. Yet in the collective “wisdom” of the US and UK and EU leaders they allowed a mafia like the ccp to enter the WTO where the ccp is still in the WTO even after well known acts of slavery and genocide are practices of the ccp to this day.

Read this from Mao in 1940 as he sounds like A UC Berkeley professor now …

The historical characteristic of the Chinese revolution lies in its division into the two stages, democracy and socialism, the first being no longer democracy in general, but democracy of the Chinese type, a new and special type, namely, New Democracy. How, then, has this historical characteristic come into being? Has it been in existence for the past hundred years, or is it of recent origin?

A brief study of the historical development of China and of the world shows that this characteristic did not emerge immediately after the Opium War, but took shape later, after the first imperialist world war and the October Revolution in Russia. Let us now examine the process of its formation.

Clearly, it follows from the colonial, semi-colonial and semi-feudal character of present-day Chinese society that the Chinese revolution must be divided into two stages. The first step is to change the colonial, semi-colonial and semi-feudal form of society into an independent, democratic society. The second is to carry the revolution forward and build a socialist society. At present the Chinese revolution is taking the first step.

The preparatory period for the first step began with the opium War in 1840, i.e., when China’s feudal society started changing into a semi-colonial and semi-feudal one. Then came the Movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Sino-French War, the Sino-Japanese war, the Reform Movement of 1898, the Revolution of 1911, the May 4th Movement, the Northern Expedition, the War of the Agrarian Revolution and the present War of Resistance Against Japan. Together these have taken up a whole century and in a sense they represent that first step, being struggles waged by the Chinese people, on different occasions and in varying degrees, against imperialism and the feudal forces in order to build up an independent, democratic society and complete the first revolution. The Revolution of 1911 was in a fuller sense the beginning of that revolution. In its social character, this revolution is a bourgeois-democratic and not a proletarian-socialist revolution. It is still unfinished and still demands great efforts, because to this day its enemies are still very strong. When Dr. Sun Yat-sen said, “The revolution is not yet completed, all my comrades must struggle on”, he was referring to the bourgeois-democratic revolution.

A change, however, occurred in China’s bourgeois-democratic revolution after the outbreak of the first imperialist world war in 1914 and the founding of a socialist state on one-sixth of the globe as a result of the Russian October Revolution of 1917.

Before these events, the Chinese bourgeois-democratic revolution came within the old category of the bourgeois-democratic world revolution, of which it was a part.

Since these events, the Chinese bourgeois-democratic revolution has changed, it has come within the new category of bourgeois-democratic revolutions and, as far as the alignment of revolutionary forces is concerned, forms part of the proletarian-socialist world revolution.

Why? Because the first imperialist world war and the first victorious socialist revolution, the October Revolution, have changed the whole course of world history and ushered in a new era.

It is an era in which the world capitalist front has collapsed in one part of the globe (one-sixth of the world) and has fully revealed its decadence everywhere else, in which the remaining capitalist parts cannot survive without relying more than ever on the colonies and Semi-colonies, in which a socialist state has been established and has proclaimed its readiness to give active support to the liberation movement of all colonies and semi-colonies, and in which the proletariat of the capitalist countries is steadily freeing itself from the social-imperialist influence of the social-democratic parties and has proclaimed its support for the liberation movement in the colonies and semi-colonies. In this era, any revolution in a colony or semi-colony that is directed against imperialism, i.e., against the international bourgeoisie or international capitalism, no longer comes within the old category of the bourgeois-democratic world revolution, but within the new category. It is no longer part of the old bourgeois, or capitalist, world revolution, but is part of the new world revolution, the proletarian-socialist world revolution. Such revolutionary colonies and semi-colonies can no longer be regarded as allies of the counter revolutionary front of world capitalism; they have become allies of the revolutionary front of world socialism.

Although such a revolution in a colonial and semi-colonial country is still fundamentally bourgeois-democratic in its social character during its first stage or first step, and although its objective mission is to clear the path for the development of capitalism, it is no longer a revolution of the old type led by the bourgeoisie with the aim of establishing a capitalist society and a state under bourgeois dictatorship. It belongs to the new type of revolution led by the proletariat with the aim, in the first stage, of establishing a new-democratic society and a state under the joint dictatorship of all the revolutionary classes. Thus this revolution actually serves the purpose of clearing a still wider path for the development of socialism. In the course of its progress, there may be a number of further sub-stages, because of changes on the enemy’s side and within the ranks of our allies, but the fundamental character of the revolution remains unchanged.

Such a revolution attacks imperialism at its very roots, and is therefore not tolerated but opposed by imperialism. However, it is favoured by socialism and supported by the land of socialism and the socialist international proletariat.

Therefore, such a revolution inevitably becomes part of the proletarian-socialist world revolution.



Instead of the word China substitute the word America or American and you have the exact democrat progressive mission of the WEF build back better. Even Mao uses the word “progressive”. Turned out “progressive” was starvation and death and a mafia government.


For many years we Communists have struggled for a cultural revolution as well as for a political and economic revolution, and our aim is to build a new society and a new state for the Chinese nation. That new society and new state will have not only a new politics and a new economy but a new culture. In other words, not only do we want to change a China that is politically oppressed and economically exploited into a China that is politically free and economically prosperous, we also want to change the China which is being kept ignorant and backward under the sway of the old culture into an enlightened and progressive China under the sway of a new culture. In short, we want to build a new China. Our aim in the cultural sphere is to build a new Chinese national culture.



Anything other than Freedom is corruption.




Here is why anyone spinning bidenomics would want to exclude “food”! In every way possible, especially eating at restaurants, the cost of food has risen dramatically under Biden.

Here take a look. Tell me inflation is not “policy driven” at all. Just like the US Fed politics seeps into markets. There is no “rules based” economics any more like there used to be. There are major political elite agendas at play here and none of those agendas benefit the US middle class or the US working poor. Vote out bad DNC policies like Bidenomics and climate and the tax and spend practices that only make the economics worse.

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You are paying more at the pump and at the grocery store because of destructive marxist DNC policies. It has nothing to do with “greedy” oil companies or “greedy” farmers. Its all about “greedy billionaires and their greedy politicians” in Washington DC. Nothing more. Its so easy to see because they don’t even bother hiding it any more. Its out there for all to see who want to see.

Read the US ag report down below that lays out the future food prices and why they will rise 34% more from where they are now and how US small farms like US small business are being regulated and ended by political policies. Not markets. Let me spell it out for you like I first did during the Obama years.


Here is a bit from the latest Ag report on Net Zero policies baked inside Bidenomics thanks to the Paris Climate Accords that the DNC and Biden re-signed on his first day in office. Trump’s four years were without the Paris Accords because Trump did not sign. That’s why gasoline and food were affordable under Trump. That’s why he has 91 allegations of lawfare against him now. Nothing is a coincidence in al election year.

Complying with net-zero emissions policies and corporate ESG reporting requirements will increase prices of farm inputs, the costs of which will ultimately be passed onto consumers at grocery stores and restaurants. Farmers will see costs rise by at least 34 percent. 

The culprit? Its Bill Gates and the WEF and their NET ZERO! Carbon taxes and pricing will price US families into the poor house as it already has. Look at the difference in gasoline prices alone between Texas and California. Its now $1.80 per gallon higher in California due to carbon tax and the new refining blend that the Sierra Club has prescribed to make California “smog free”. Ever been to LA lately? Is it smog free? From what I have seen NO! The only times its close to smog free is when a big rain storm comes in and washes all the pollution off the streets and or of the air. That the same as it was in the 1970s.

This is all why I say stop wasting time with Brussels and do …

Strangely enough nobody here really knows why the EU Farmers started their assault on the EU HQ in Brussels but its all tied to “climate change science” ultimately. You see a Honda ad on their newest EV and that entire business decision was based on climate policy that led to ESG and DEI marxism.

As I said from the DAY #1 of Biden’s term inflation will rise because of very bad policies. Biden started in and was elected on his platform to “end fossil fuels”. I am not sure what anyone was thinking when they voted (D), but now you know … you and your family’s future are being destroyed.

I have to remind people how the WEF and the DNC got so powerful. Its all in one line in one movie from Syriana.

The corrupt government lawyer says, “Corruption? Corruption is how we win!”

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As more debt creeps into US consumer budgets it will reflect less spending. This is where the US government steps in to fill the spending gap by handing out free money either in illegals credit cards or EBT or any of the many NGO freebies to create a new DNC class voter.

Nevermind this US stuff, the UK and EU are running into huge headwinds with their consumer market worse than the US. Farmers are protesting the EU and UK for a reason and generally that reason revolves around lack of income. What does lack of income result in? See below UK RECESSION. Also make note of the EU GDP growth rate of “0” in Dec 2023. See EU GDP GROWTH RATE below.

In the race to the bottom the US is not losing … yet! Give the BidenWH another four more years and we will see a US default. Which was the plan all along anyway.

Retail sales in the US shrank 0.8% month-over-month in January 2024, reversing from a downwardly revised 0.4% rise in December, and worse than market forecasts of a 0.1% fall. It is the biggest decrease in retail sales since March last year, primarily driven by the aftermath of the holiday shopping season and cold weather. Sales at building materials and garden equipment (-4.1%), miscellaneous store retailers (-3%), gasoline stations (-1.7%), motor vehicles and parts (-1.7%) recorded the biggest declines. Sales were also lower at health and personal care stores (-1.1%), nonstore retailers (-0.8%), electronic and appliance stores (-0.4%), clothing (-0.2%) and sporting goods, hobby, musical instruments and books (-0.2%). In contrast, sales were up 1.5% at furniture stores, 0.7% at food services and drinking places, food and beverage stores (0.1%) and flattened at general merchandise stores. Retail sales are adjusted for seasonality but not for price changes. source: U.S. Census Bureau


The British economy contracted 0.3% on quarter in Q4 2023, following a 0.1% decline in Q3, and worse than market forecasts of a 0.1% fall, preliminary estimates showed. The economy entered recession amid a broad-based decline in output, namely in services (-0.2%, the same as in Q3), particularly wholesale and retail trade (-0.6%); industrial production (-1% vs 0.1%), mostly manufacture of machinery and equipment (-7%) and construction (-1.3% vs 0.1%). On the expenditure side, there was a fall in exports (-2.9% vs -0.8%), imports (-0.8% vs -1.8%); household spending (-0.1% vs -0.9%), particularly lower spending on recreation and culture, miscellaneous goods and services, and transport; and government consumption (-0.3% vs 1.1%), namely lower activity in education and health. 


The Euro Area economy stagnated in the last quarter of 2023, following a 0.1% contraction in the previous three-month period, as persistently high inflation, record borrowing costs, and weak external demand continued to exert downward pressure on growth. Among the bloc’s largest economies, Germany contracted by 0.3%, primarily due to weakness in the industrial sector. Compared with the same quarter of the previous year, the Eurozone economy advanced by a meager 0.1% after showing no growth in the third quarter. Looking at the full year of 2023, the GDP grew by 0.5%, marking a sharp decline from expansions of 3.4% and 5.9% in 2022 and 2021, respectively. source: EUROSTAT



Right now the HAMR processing center will operate on recycled titanium. The real value here is in the IPX titanium zircon mine in Tennessee. This is the answer to the ccp monopoly. This is the answer to end these very long unstable Asian supply lines.

The same people who allowed the ccp into the WTO are the same ones who attend the WEF meetings in Davos every year. Innovation like the HAMR process makes a difference but it will never win the war that the WEF types started way back in the 1990s that created the US Rust Belt where millions lost their jobs, cities failed and drug addiction replaced a blue collar lifestyle.

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Its Thursday Feb 15 and …
IPX is up another 4% in pre-market. I am seeing $24 as a target especially once the Tennessee titanium/zircon/REE mine moves to production.


Up another 11% now at $15.10
KAIMU RISK bought the IPX(NASDAQ) listing in July 2022 for $4.95USD and added more at $6.00 and a year later it was a 100% gain. The ASX listing got bought before that in 2021 at the $0.70-$0.95A range. Then it floundered for awhile.

Without being on the ASX I would not know this company existed. Same with trading on the TSX or TSXV.



Economies cannot operate under highly corrupt government entities who pick and chose the winners and losers based on directives from those who own the political parties. Money owns politics. This is why less government was always the goal of our Founding Fathers. We failed on that score!

We are moving at a rapid rate to $35tril in US Debt. The pace will only increase over the years until Americans have no basic government services like infrastructure maintenance. We already have no border security. The funds needed to groom future democrat voters will take away from funds needed for basic services for US citizens. That leads to the gradual reduction in the policing of global trade routes until global trade is a minor percentage of total US consumer products and consumption. I would think that would even worry the WEF since their billionaires depend heavily on global trade.

The stupidity of the DNC policies is openly displayed in these two reports from one source. The first one talks about only republicans concern over the cartels at the border. The second one shows that the DNC WEF BidenWH cares 0% about US citizens or Mexican citizens. If the DNC can manufacture charges against Trump then surely they can manufacture charges to hold a real mass murderer terrorist for many more years. Or is prosecuting political rivals more important than keeping mass murderers in jail? Oh wait no its not since the BidenWH traded a WNBA women’s pot smoking basketball star for a Russian mass murderer global arms dealer terrorist. But “gun control” is an issue? Really?

In effect the republican Congress is busy trying to resolve the murder and mayhem at the BidenWH open border while the democrats at the DOJ are busy releasing cartel mass murderers back into Mexico to kill many more thousands of Mexicans and Americans.

Republican legislators presented an initiative that, if approved would force the US Department of Defense to establish a strategy to capture or kill the leaders of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Senator Tom Cotton of Arizona and the Representative Morgan Luttrell of Texas. Respectively presented in the Senate and House of Representatives the Jalisco Cartel Neutralization Act. Which requires that within a period of no more than 90 days, after approval of the act, and every 90 days thereafter. 

Secretary of Defense provide a report to the appropriate committees of the Congress. On any progress with the aim to capture or kill the leadership of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Although the initiative was barely presented and has not even been subject to debate is a sample of the moods that prevail in congress. Our border is being exploited by the cartels. Since they run one of the most extensive human trafficking and drug operations in the world. 

That puts in danger every corner of the United States assured the congressman Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL, in the initiative presentation text of just three pages. The Jalisco Cartel, the most dangerous criminal organization of Mexico. And the second most powerful drug cartel must be identified and dismantled to protect the people American. This legislation makes clear that the Jalisco cartel cannot remain emboldened in our border and that the United States military must be prepared to confront and eliminate the Cartel Jalisco.

In the event that it is determined that the best course of action is to use the armed forces of our great country, he added. This is the second measure that Luttrell presents in relation to cartels. Earlier this month he announced another bill to combat influence of cartels. The law to defend our borders from armed invaders would allow the United States Armed Forces to use deadly force against individuals who cross into the country armed. 


During a press conference this morning, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) addressed the release of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, who is months away from being released from a US federal prison.

AMLO stated that Rosa Icela Rodríguez, the head of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), is making preparations should Cardenas Guillen be deported back to Mexico. He said that he is not certain if the FGR has charges against him but that they will conduct a thorough investigation.

He further stated that the government would make an announcement to Mexican citizens on the actions taken in a timely fashion.

AMLO also clarified that if Cardenas Guillen does not face charges in Mexico, the FGR would not fabricate charges against him just to secure his arrest.

Reporters asked AMLO if there was a possibility that Cardenas Guillen could become a protected witness upon his return to Mexico, to which AMLO responded that this was not a strategy the government is planning to employ.

The Mexican government is owned by the cartels. The US government is owned by the WEF. Everyone in Washington DC and Mexico City are owned by their highest bidders. The corruption is at record high levels never seen before. The corruption is so rampant its not even hidden any more!

These two reports appeared on the same day at Borderland Beat the premiere online blog reporting crimes against humanity from Mexico.


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Prior news of a $12.7mil DoD investment into IPX hit the first tranche of $2.4mil dispersed to IPX yesterday. On the ASX this news drove IPX(ASX) higher also. As I posted here before the titanium zircon mining operation isn’t even figured into the share price yet.

-IperionX’s HAMR titanium furnace, the foundation asset to produce low-cost titanium, has completed final mechanical assembly and successfully passed factory acceptance tests with the IPX technical team-This advanced HAMR titanium industrial furnace is now being transported to the U.S. with anticipated delivery to the Titanium Manufacturing Campus during the first quarter of 2024-Installation and commissioning of the HAMR titanium furnace is expected during the second quarter, before producing first titanium metal in mid-year 2024-Construction and internal fit-out of the Titanium Manufacturing Campus is advancing to schedule-IperionX has received the first US$2.4 million payment from the US$12.7 million Department of Defense DPA Title III grant to fund Phase I ramp-up of the Virginia Titanium Production FacilityCHARLOTTE, N.C. – IperionX Limited (NASDAQ: IPX, ASX: IPX) is pleased to announce significant progress in advancing its commercial-scale titanium metal manufacturing capabilities at IperionX’s Titanium Manufacturing Campus in Virginia, comprising the Titanium Production Facility and the Advanced Manufacturing Center.

View the full release here:

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Delfin Midstream is a private company, but they own a shell company listed as TGLO(OTC). Risky yes. Selling 20% position at $0.22 for 265% net 1Y gain.

FEBRUARY 13, 2024

OKLAHOMA CITY, February 13, 2024 – Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:CHK, together with certain of its subsidiaries, collectively, “Chesapeake”), Delfin LNG LLC (“Delfin”) and Gunvor Group Ltd, through Gunvor Singapore Pte Ltd (“Gunvor”), today announced the entrance into a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export deal that includes executed Sales and Purchase Agreements (“SPA”) for long-term liquefaction offtake. Under the SPA, Chesapeake will purchase approximately 0.5 million tonnes (“mtpa”) of LNG per annum from Delfin at a Henry Hub price and contract targeted start date in 2028 then deliver to Gunvor on an FOB basis with the sales price linked to the Japan Korea Marker (“JKM”) for a period of 20 years. These volumes will represent 0.5 mtpa of the previously announced up to 2 mtpa HOA with Gunvor.

Nick Dell’Osso, Chesapeake President and CEO, said, “Today’s announcement cements an important step on our path to ‘Be LNG Ready’ and is further recognition of the depth of our portfolio and strength of our financial position. We are pleased to formalize our agreement which provides diversification and access to global LNG pricing while enabling the delivery of affordable, reliable, lower carbon energy to markets in need.”

Dudley Poston, Delfin CEO, said: “We are excited to partner with a premier company like Chesapeake. We believe our unique liquefaction solution provides Chesapeake with commercial flexibility with a reduced environmental footprint, while providing a much-needed source of additional supply to key US allies and the global LNG market.” 



I was buying today Vaultchain Gold.

I also bought G.TO

What could be worse than gold and silver?

Nat Gas down 38%
Coal down 45%
Lithium down 78%

Meanwhile Uranium is up 109% YOY

BTC up 119% YOY

By the end of 2024 it will be reverse! The losers now will be the winners.



No tsunami and no real building damage. The Maui Fire was 10,000% worse as it wiped out Lahaina. That event was 100% preventable, but lax policies failed the community. Earthquakes can be announcing upcoming lava flows.

HONOLULU (AP) — A magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck the world’s largest active volcano on Friday — Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii — knocking items off shelves and cutting power in a nearby town but not immediately prompting reports of serious damage.

The earthquake, which didn’t cause a tsunami and which the U.S. Geological Survey initially reported as magnitude 6.3, was centered on Mauna Loa’s southern flank at a depth of 23 miles (37 kilometers), 1.3 miles (2 kilometers) southwest of Pahala.

First off the volcano at the Big Island is one of the safest in the world, known as a shielded volcano. When there is an eruption there is no Mt St Helens type explosion. Its just lava flowing. I myself have been as close as five meters, 15 feet to a lava flow. The radiant heat prevents you from being close enough to touch it, but I have been close enough to put a copper penny in its path. You can only do that at one of the slower moving fingers. To find a finger you have to be prepared to hike for hours. Sometimes you can walk on what you think is solid ground, but is actually being heated by an underground lava flow so your hiking boot soles begin to melt. You can see that if you know what to look for. Watching a penny start to melt before the lava hits it is a fun unforgettable experiment!

Hawaii is a geologist’s dream! The number #1 tourist attraction in the entire State of Hawaii is the volcano on the Big Island at Kilauea where you can still see bubbling lava in the caldera. You go to the US Volcano National Park. That is about a one hour drive from Hale Kaimu where we are located.

There are three volcanos on the island two of which have no lava. Mauna Kea is the oldest and is inactive. Its claim to fame now are the eight international observatories at the summit. You can snow ski there now and then in an hour’s drive be at a very warm beach. Either at a white sand beach or a black sand beach or a green sand beach. You chose! Here at Hale Kaimu we have black sand beaches.

The other most active volcano is Kilauea. It has been active for 73 years now. Its lava flow has mostly devastated homes. The last was 2018 at Leilani that destroyed the Kapoho region where there were a number of beachfront rentals and an exquisite Kapoho Tide Pool. Now the lava has created a new black sand beach there that is even larger than the previous one.

This 5.7 earthquake hit at Mauna Loa which is near Kona where the annual Ironman Triathlon contest is held. Hilo is the largest city on the Big Island. No damage was done, but it is a trend at Mauna Loa which is not lava active. Mauna Loa is said to be the next more active lava zone. Only Pele knows for sure!

If you are inclined towards geology HALE KAIMU is perfectly situated to see the newest land on the planet being created by God. In fact nearby, about four miles away, there are about 600 acres of new land to explore. All created within the last fifteen years of older lava flows. The Kalapana side is fairly dormant now. Hale Kaimu is part of the Kaimu Makena district which is where Father Damien got his start on his infamous journey through Hawaii. Where Hale Kaimu is we have rock walls going back over 200 years of Polynesian history. We are the oldest part of rural Hawaii. Like living in Hawaii in the 1950s yet with all the modern wifi conveniences. To give you an idea the Population Density here is about 3.7 people per square mile. As a comparison Los Angeles is 8,500 and Honolulu is 5,700 per square mile. The Kalapana region is about 68% Hawaiian ancestry. It is OLD HAWAII.


Yes Bill, it was at Mauna Loa mountain which is closer to Kona. Nothing happened at Hale Kaimu! They revised it to 5.7. Mahalo!



Seems the popular alternative to losing clients is offering them loan shark loans to keep advertising and stay with Shopify. Yet when those loans fail then what? They are failing! In reality debt has penetrated every crevice of the global economy. This sort of “creative finance” ends in “creative destruction”. I doubt the markets know the true depth of the over-financed and the under-performance of such loans. Its not Fed regulated at B2B.

The credit rating companies are way behind in their reporting. As an example China has been destroyed this past year and the silence from Moodys and S&P is unsurprising! Like 2009 the credit rating companies gave time and cover for the biggest players to exit less harmed. Exiting China quietly. The media is paid not to report.



Great property high grades and shallow and even has a Sprott Royalty Fund on it already, but I cannot bring myself to get involved for the one reason the mine is based in South Africa. I have no faith at all in the ANC government at all.

It reminded me of how South Africa was planning to be part of the newer BRICS alliance. I thought to myself who would want to be part of that alliance where the key members are Russia and China and now South Africa. Most of the corrupt governments on the planet with the biggest genocide and slavery practices. Being a BRICS member is like the 15th century values and economics meets the 21st!

I saw an hour of the two hour Tucker Putin interview and Putin lost me at China! He was saying how strong and big the Chinese economy is. That’s a lie. The ccp has destroyed China’s future. The ccp is just another mafia boat anchor for all the BRICS. Quite the Russian history buff though. I would bet Biden knows less than 1% of US history. I do agree the US and UK blew the 1992 agreement to bring Russia into the Western alliance. Further the Obama/Clinton Russia reset disaster and the forever Russia Russia Russia 2016 Trump attacks made any sort of Russia West alliance impossible. Trump was pummeled for even talking with Putin in 2017. You cannot exclude Russia from the global economy. Its so stupid to force Russia to team up with the ccp! Like Putin said in the interview after 1992 Russia adopted a western style market economy no more communist regime dictates. All of that was in an effort for Russia to move closer to the West. Now the DNC has totally trashed that.

I also do not buy the putin US dollar theory he espoused in the interview. The US Dollar is a “Police Dollar” not a “Petro Dollar”. Who protects global shipping if the US Navy goes away? We already see a tin horn country like Yemen would end shipping in the Red Sea without the US Navy or the Brits. Then what? China has no Navy that can patrol the entire world 25/8 366 days a year in every ocean. Over 90% of the ccp navy can’t even stay at sea for two weeks. It costs US taxpayers plenty to fund the US Navy, but that was part of the Bretton Woods deal for being the world reserve currency. Putin is correct about the US Debt. The more debt the fools in Washington pile on the less the US Navy can police the oceans. Also the less the US government can promise a cradle-to-grave nanny state!

The US is better off with Russia as an ally, but I guess the CIA knows best since it does seem the CIA makes the decisions not the elected Presidents. That little Wizard of Oz curtain is practically wide open for all to see now if you dare to look. RFK jr will tell you the CIA killed a US President and one running for office and no I am not talking about Trump. JFK and RFK! Trump though is “on deck” as they say in baseball. US citizens are no longer represented in Washington DC. Now only the elites and the bureaucracy including all the three letter agency interests are represented. That’s called Corruption with a capital “C”!

The one thing even the CIA cannot change …


The Putin interview is worth watching. It used to be all the major networks interviewed world leaders all the time. Even Hitler and Stalin were on the cover of Time magazine once. Barbara Walters interviewed lots of cut throat dictators like Fidel Castro. It used to be the usual gig for 60 Minutes to even do interviews with the Ayatollah and Bin Laden. How is it now being called “treason” by the DNC?


I am hoping you can help me with this question. Kitco is selling American Gold Eagles
“2024 1 oz Gold Eagle Coins (20 per tube) – MintFirst™” for $42,749.99 ( wire, check )

I can’t find these on the US Mint website. Out of stock maybe?

I only see single 2023 American Eagle 1 oz. gold coins for $2,870

How can Kitco sell these coins hundreds of dollars cheaper and still claim they have the US Mint seal?


Jimg I go on Kitco and I see the following:

AM EAG 20 COIN $42556 OR $2128/COIN


First of all the cheapest way to own is Vaultchain Gold. Then if you want the physical possession then buy 20 coins and get the volume discount. If you do not have a spare $45k lying around Kitco gives you discounts if you buy 10 coins vs buying just 1.

As to the mint seal that is something to call Kitco customer service about. I honestly do not see the “hundreds of dollars cheaper” part of your question when I go to Kitco online. You are quoting a 2024 vs 2023 coin price but that usually makes little to no difference. The mint seal should make no difference in price but call Kitco customer service and ask. I hve never seen such a price diff based on mint seal. Prices fluctuate by the minutes so see what they say.





Of course who would know the inside track better than members of Congress. Pelosi made a fortune off of her insider privilege. Many more also but the biggest winner is Al Gore who has amassed a $330mil fortune from “public service”.

Take a look at a very accurate analysis of the US energy market that ties into the EU energy market. If you want to see where this corrupt WH energy policy leads then go spend a week in Johannesburg South Africa. The way this “energy suicide” policy is playing out Berlin will be Johannesburg by the end of this year.

Tons of high paying energy sector jobs are at stake here in the US and the EU. No better way to kill off the US federal and state tax base than implementing stupid Sierra Club energy policies. Maybe the Sierra Club should take over paying the monthly US Debt payments. They could up their “merch sales” to cover the gap!

Next stop CNBC?



One right is the Biden CBO is wrong
Two right is the Open Border is a US economic disaster
Three right is Occupy Brussels is wasting time


1-Now we have the BidenWH trying to repeat the same claim Obama made in 2013 with the CBO then predicting by 2023 illegal aliens would contribute to the US economy and grow GDP by 3.3%. That was a FAIL! Real GDP is 2.5% for 2023.

2-In truth illegals can’t work because it is illegal to hire them. Then you need consumers to buy goods and services from small businesses that will supposedly hire illegals. That’s not going to work because Bidenomics has gutted the US middle class and (D)ebt has gutted everything else including the US government itself. Bringing 10mil illegals over the US Open Border will kill the US economy and you are seeing it in NYC and Chicago right now.

3-The public is pretty oblivious. Go back to Occupy Wall Street in 2011 and it was a whole lot of grandstanding for nothing because they missed the REAL target. It should have been OCCUPY THE FED! Like now in Brussels its a waste of time for the Farmers. Instead the Farmers should have gone directly to the owners of Brussels and OCCUPY DAVOS! Park their tractors on the Davos Airport runway and block the roads. Billionaires need to eat too! That would change policy so much faster than blocking lowly politicians.

Consider term limits and a flat tax and gutting all federal government employees by 50%. Its a start!