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Meanwhile the US middle class will be the collateral damage from the DNC green policies, but by all means vote (D) and make sure there is no US middle class left.

“Climate socialism is bound to fail miserably, resulting in increased poverty.”-Mises Institute July 20, 2024

What KAIMU saw in green was the LAW OF POWER DENSITY AND DEBT. A double barrel fraud of the greatest magnitude whose only logical out come was to do massive multi-trillion $$$ wealth transfers from US taxpayers to WEF billionaires who push climate, that would include Elon. I posted the graphic below in 2023 and the Mises report below was published this weekend. I add the POWER DENSITY factor that only enhances and speeds up the Keynesian destruction ahead. Who always looses? The working poor and the middle class. The US middle class future is at stake in Nov 2024! Forget the BS “democracy”. The US is not a democracy anyway. If it were we’d be like Russia and the CCP now, a one party DNC totalitarian regime.

The OECD report warns that the net zero transition will increase price inflation in essential goods and services as well as generate significant displacement of low-skilled labor. They even warn that low-skilled jobs in high-emission sectors pay better, and this will create challenges for citizens.

There is no way in which one can defend this social engineering. Keynesianism always leads to malinvestment, misallocation of capital, higher indebtedness, and worse outcomes for workers and the middle class for a very simple reason: governments do not have better or more information about the requirements of society, and they spend money that comes from somebody else.

Malinvestment does happen in an open economy. However, creative destruction takes care of it. Malinvestment when the government controls the economy is the norm. And instead of creative destruction, we get subsidized misallocation of capital.
The era of constant Keynesian stimulus plans has eroded the middle class and created record levels of public debt. The net zero plan, which is the ultimate Keynesian top-down government-imposed system, will add scarcity, persistent price inflation, and impoverishment.

The only way to achieve net zero is to let technology flourish, allow free competition and open markets to work their way, and create a transition that benefits the majority with cheaper and cleaner goods and services. When governments make decisions with public funds, they ensure a negative result. They will overspend, perpetuate price inflation, and impoverish the same ones they claim to defend. Socialism never works. Climate socialism is bound to fail miserably, resulting in increased poverty.



CRWD -9.6%
MSFT -1.0%

Mostly Asia and Australia zones were more critically effected.

The more we try to depend on a centralized monopoly whether it is digital or green or a flawed two-party political system the more vulnerable our lives are and the more dangerous the world becomes.

What is the penalty for this huge MSFT IT glitch other than the stock value of MSFT and CRWD goes down today? You have to ask what’s the backup plan if for instance this IT glitch lasted a week? What’s the backup plan for any centralized system? In a state of war you have to plan for these attacks by opponents like Putin or CCP.

The way things are going now politically with Mexico we may have to add Mexico as an opponent to the USA. Now both Putin and the CCP are moving into Mexico under the cover of “business and trade”. We are surrounded by the WEF. Should the WEF be added as an opponent to the USA? The WEF definitely qualifies as a foreign adversary of the US Constitution and this Republic and We The People. Both Klaus Schwab and George Soros have real nazi ties in their lineage.

What caused the outage?
The problems were caused by a “defect” in a “content update” for Microsoft Windows devices, the boss of global cyber-security firm Crowdstrike, George Kurtz, said.

He added: “The issue has been identified, isolated and a fix has been deployed.”
Mr Kurtz said the issues did not affect other operating systems, adding: “This is not a security incident or cyber-attack.”

His statement followed widespread reports that Crowdstrike, which producers antivirus software, had issued a software update that caused Windows devices to crash.

Crowdstrike shares plunged as much as 21% in early pre-market trade. Microsoft also lost ground, as did travel and leisure stocks, as investors weighed the potential disruption for holidaymakers.



In one word … YES! Why? Because the WEF owns more politicians in more countries than the Sinaloa cartel can ever vaguely hope to. Soros just bought Mexico right out from under the cartels. Now BidenWH is negotiating with the WEF and the CCP and the cartels in Mexico. Allowing the DNC power is now worse than the JFK Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s because the CCP military is on the US now.

Remember the Sinaloa Cartel is losing control of Mexico to the CJNG Cartel. I mentioned this in prior posts. The CJNG Cartel is 1000 times more violent. They make ISIS look kind.

Claudia Sheinbaum claims to be Jewish but she is a atheist convert for political reasons. During her campaign in amongst the largely illiterate Mexican electorate she carried around a cross because Mexico is 98% Catholic.

She is PRO WEF and PRO CARTEL. She was funded by Soros and she hired the cartel to do 137 political murders for her benefit. Her benefit is the cartel benefit just like AMLO was and is beneficial for the cartel. Her vision for the cartel is to assist in their control of illegal and their control of legal businesses. In the meantime she plans to keep the illegal funds from the DNC US open border atrocities and fentanyi ever more prosperous for the cartels. US citizens will pay a heavy price for her election. You can see this play out in the two videos below as you discover there is a much more prosperous cartel crime than killing US kids with fentanyl. Without the WEF and the new Mexico female Presidente the cartels cannot expand to include the CCP interests directly at our border. The Biden family was paid of by the CCP and I am sure the new Mexico President has “close” relations with Xi as well.

Sheinbaum was educated at UC Berkeley and who can graduate there and not be anti-American and anti-religion and pro-atheist? She claims to be a scientist but from what we have seen of the scientists in climate and covid “real science” and “real scientists” are extinct.

Two must see Mexico cartel intel videos.

1-Ed Calderon, a retired federal police officer from Mexico, explains how Mexico’s new president affects their criminal organizations and could possibly make China stronger. He also explains his fears that the current administration could lead to a military conflict with the United States.

2-Today on Change Agents, Andy Stumpf learns about how the violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel is raking in millions by preying on elderly Americans with elaborate phone scams.

His guest, Steve Fisher, is an investigative reporter based in Mexico City who covers organized crime in Mexico for outlets including the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post and the LA Times.

Given that the DNC can’t even close the US border it is more important than ever to elect a new government in the US who can. The US needs a counter to Trudeau and Shinbaum, two WEF stooges who prefer Davos to their own country and its citizens. End the build back better BS!

Quit voting for the WEF.

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The inflation infection of the DNC BidenWH econ policies started in Jan 2021 with the attack on the US energy sector, mainly all companies whose product is fossil fuel. Since then all Americans, whether you voted (D) or not, have paid the price. The reason inflation was an issue at all is the small subsect of marxist from the Sierra Club and the WEF decided now was the time for the BIG GREEN TRANSITION! Trillions were pumped into “select winners” of the DNC free market, none of which were fossil fuel. When a naïve government with no real problem solving experience comes into power you find the first mistake was attacking and wounding the one sector where over 80% of all US energy is derived. Even green devices heavily depend on fossil fuels.

To see how this played out all one need do is look at the graphic below that shows that China has the lowest cost to manufacture by far. How can any US or EU manufacturing company compete when they are paying five times more for power than China? This is why I posted here way back ten years ago that politics would disrupt free markets and the companies who participate in free markets of the West. Notice that the CPP could care less about ESG or DEI. The CCP could care less about Climate. The CCP could care less about slavery or child labor. The CCP could care less about OSHA or EPA. The CCP could care less about the UAW or any unions. That’s why western CEOs like Tim Cook and Steve Jobs of Apple came to China in the first place. The CCP is one of the most capitalist countries in the world. The CCP worships ROI but the problem is the CCP worships CORRUPTED ROI above all else. Above the people and above the world! So long as the CCP is the only recipient of the accumulated GDP of the Chinese people and the people of the rest of the world nothing else matters.

Either way debt can be a great investment. No matter whether you bought your home with a 30yr 3% mortgage or if you paid cash for your house and have zero mortgage. What most of the 3% thought was there was no way they’d have problems paying the monthly nut. Yet now since the BidenWH came into power in 2021 inflation has killed off so many companies and workers especially when you add in the Biden DNC vaccine mandate shutdown.

Now even with 3% debt on houses the peripheral costs of home ownership are rising. Its so bad now in California that State Farm is threatening the DNC governor that they will leave California if they cannot raise the home insurance and car insurance costs by 50%. The various counties in California and other counties in other states have been increasing property tax just as much. Now add the increase in costs of lumber and appliances needed for home repairs or upgrades. Then add in the rising costs of healthcare and prescription drugs and food and gasoline and its all a formula for a DNC economic collapse. I am of the thought its so bad that maybe let the DNC win in Nov so the total and utter collapse will be so great that the DNC will be abolished forever. If Trump wins then the Bidenomic collapse will happen during the RNC Trump years and surely the DNC media will blame the RNC. I predict there will be a housing crash just so people can afford to eat. For many the question is becoming “Do we pay the mortgage or do we eat food?”

After nearly six days without electric power people here in Texas know how important fossil fuels are. When you put all your eggs in the electric basket you better have baseload demand covered by fossil fuels not solar panels and wind turbines and EVs.

No matter how you look at it the WEF cannot be in power for the next four years. In fact that nazi led cartel needs to be facing criminal and civil penalties for their fraud on the world. I never use the word “nazi” to describe anything or any one but in the case of the WEF the leader of this corrupt billionaire cartel has direct nazi roots in WW2. There are still US vets alive who still remember their fight against nazi atrocities in 1945.

Literally we have a sitting US President and the DNC that are co-opted and use WEF money and WEF policies and WEF campaign slogans led by a real nazi. I mean where is CNN and MSNBC and the NY Times and Washington Post and Hollywood? Given this perverse inclination to call out the RNC and Trump as hitler and nazis its so appropriate that the real nazis backed the BidenWH and got the DNC elected in 2020.

Remember all the WEF billionaires who got the BidenWH elected in 2020. Bill Gates and Sam Bankman Fried were among the top. One is in jail now and the other one should be. Sadly there is always bleed over when there are two corrupt political parties in power. In the case of the FTX CEO it was $40mil for the DNC and $12k for the RNC. Even Trump prior to his political career was a much sought after donor for the DNC and even had a close relationship with Bill and Hillary.

Google wikipedia to see this.
Early life and education
Klaus Martin Schwab was born on 30 March 1938, to Eugen Wilhelm Schwab and Erika Epprecht in Ravensburg. His parents had moved from Switzerland to Germany during the Third Reich in order for his father to assume the role of director at Escher Wyss AG, an industrial company and contractor for the Nazi regime.


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Karl Marx is alive and well in the DNC!

Did you notice the 25% DNC BILLIONAIRE TAX starts at $100mil?

It applies to some of us here at Bill Cara too and we’re nowhere near $100mil net worth. Biden considers millionaires have incomes of $450,000.

Reimagine paying 25% tax on your Cara100 stocks you have yet to sell? The same goes for the value of your house. It applies to real estate, but with a very ungenerous $500k exclusion. That means everyone in SoCal and SF California will pay 25% of their home’s value over $500k on their 2024 tax return. That means a lot of those homeowners will need to sell their homes to pay their 25% tax. That’s how the WEF makes Malibu equal to Skid Row! If passed the US real estate market will collapse.

Let me explain this. The USA budget once approved becomes law in October 2024. Before the election in November. That’s why Biden and his DNC is going all out to inflict as many taxes on US citizens as possible in case the DNC is thrown out of power in DC.

I say this to all those who would rather vote for the DNC because you don’t like Trump’s personality … why? Why would you vote for unrealized gain tax of 25%? Why would you want another four years of the WEF? Why do you hate the US middle class and the US consumer? My suggestion is if you hate Trump’s personality that much then don’t vote at all or vote for RFKjr(I). DNC=WEF

If the DNC owned both houses of Congress right now you would literally OWN NOTHING in 2025! That is the DNC 2025 PROJECT!




The mafia is corrupt obviously because they break laws and kill people, but the key corruption is its structure. Its human nature to lie to save your life or your job or your family. Both the mafia and the CCP hold great value in the concept of “saving face”. For “Don Xi” to admit failure or show weakness is a huge sin. There is no VP for Xi and the way he has culled any dissenters over the past few years nobody would want the job anyway. Therein lies the flaw of the mafia and the CCP. Nobody wants to say NO to Xi. No underlings in the CCP in the provinces will ever admit to mistakes. In fact if said underlings have their mistakes come to light they have two choices. One-prepare for jail. Two-flee China. There is no choice in between. This is how the vast real estate crash in China got so bad. It was flawed from the ground up! This is the CCP! Flawed from the ground up!

Right now the huge Three Gorges Dam in China is on the brink. The CCP economy is already destroyed. The seeds of its destruction was planted a long time ago with the One Child policy. The CCP was doomed from the start because it was Mao who took power. Compare China to Taiwan and you see what all of China could have looked like. China is a mafia. Taiwan is freedom.

Due to heavy rainfall, water levels in the Minjiang and Jialing Rivers, as well as the Three Gorges section of the upper Yangtze River, have significantly increased. The inflow to the Three Gorges Reservoir surged rapidly, reaching 50,000 cubic meters per second at 6pm local time on July 11, meeting the flood standard. The Yangtze River Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources officially announced the formation of the “Yangtze River 2024 No. 2 Flood” in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. In preparation for the upcoming peak flood, the Three Gorges Dam began discharging water on July 9.

Everything in China suffers from “cut corners syndrome”. Construction is so bad its now called “tofu buildings”. The cement literally flakes off if you touch it.

That makes China engineering even worse. Planning and design and building codes mean nothing because pleasing the party comes first. This resembles the DNC and its ESG and DEI regulations. It does not matter how many people die because of horrid failed policies so long as the party comes first.




That was what this reporter said on tv about how many new laws took effect on July 1st in California. It’s obvious to me California elects way too many lawyers! The only thing worse than too many lawyers is way too many DNC politicians!

Q: What do you call a bus full of politicians at the bottom of the ocean?
A: A good start!

That’s the oldest lawyer joke in the book so don’t get freaked out!

Look at some of these new laws. Look what bartenders have to do at California bars now! It’s so lawless there now rape is as common as an olive in a martini. Godless indeed!

Also notice that the reporter at the gasoline station is at a pump with a $6.59 price and it was a news story from July 2nd. Gasoline here in Texas is $2.85. Up here I pass by real estate signs that advertise new homes starting at $180k! In California that $180k buys a front door knob! No wonder there are so many homeless there. Priced out and taxed out!




The full vertical from mining ops to parts protects the US titanium supply chain. Aside from gold and silver KAIMU has interests in niobium(WA1:ASX) and titanium(IPX:ASX) holding six figure shares.

IperionX shareholders (or potential shareholders) will be happy to see that the Executive Chairman, Todd Hannigan, recently bought a whopping AU$6.1m worth of stock, at a price of AU$1.91.

Right now aside from PREFLECT, private equity, Augusta Gold(G:TSE) is KAIMU largest share holding. Not largest dollar holding. Exxon and Chevron are KAIMU biggest dollar holdings.

I believe PREFLECT is the only AI based company that pays a dividend now out of all publicly and privately listed companies. That’s the $65bil question about AI. Which AI company will most profitable? Its like 1999 again before the Tech Crash!



More than 80% of US citizens fear political violence from a poll last year in Dec 2023.

Neutralize? Any elected official that did not tow the marxist anarchy dogma whose basis is anti-middle class, anti-business and anti-capitalist. WEF agendas for sure. Equity With Africa! Own Nothing! Depopulate For Climate!

Chuck Schumer pounding on the front door of the US Supreme Court yelling at the conservative justices inside “You will reap the whirlwind”! For what? Not doing what Chuck wanted? That was the Pelosi Schumer SCOTUS Insurrection for Roe.

All these threats against current conservative Supreme Court justices and anyone or orthodoxy not aligned with brutal DNC approved narratives. As the DNC Supreme Idol RBG, the Notorious RBG, hung on to life too long and died when Trump was President not Obama. She could have stepped down in Obama years, but the DNC and Hollywood had her on a pedestal of worship for her wokivity. RBG was too uppity and greedy and corrupted to step down on her own accord. Like Biden is now! The fame and fortune got to her. Living large on the cover of Vogue! Now Dr Jill, the co-president nobody voted for, is on Vogue!

Hollywood and the DNC owned legacy media were ravenous anti-Trump for beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. It was supposed to be Hillary’s turn to be President! Even Newsweek had a cover ready before the votes were counted with the headline MADAME PRESIDENT!

The DNC controlled Congress wasted no time forgetting about how they were public servants and made it their sworn duty to get Trump impeached on anything no matter how small or even if they had to invent new laws or modify laws from 1812. Some newer DNC politicians were running their campaigns solely on “get Trump out of office”.

Hollywood stars like Kathy Griffin posed with a beheaded Trump head in her hand. Some like Di Nero vowed to beat Trump up if he did resign. Even Joe Biden said he’d get Trump behind the bleachers and give him the same beating he gave Corn Pop!

Then you had Shakespeare In The Park in NYC where they murdered a Trump look-alike with a knife in 2017 and it was covered by NBC in 2017.

Why is it a Trump assassination is not inevitable given the vitriolic hate 25/8 366 days a year non-stop since 2015?

Back on CNN on July 8th Biden quote, “Its time Trump was in the bullseye!”

Nobody believes the DNC doesn’t want Trump dead even if they have to hire a registered Republican to do it. The DNC motto borrowed from the Clinton legacy is always “plausible denial”!


No two bigger anti-WEF than you and I.

The DNC tried:
1-Remove Trump from office by Ukraine impeachment
2-Remove Trump from US ballots
3-Remove Trump by NYC lawfare
4-Endless media attacks to cause chaos and violence against Trump and MAGA

I mean what is the DNC 2017 version of Shakespeare In The Park in NYC where Trump is Julius Caesar? What is that other than public murder of a sitting President? Where was the Secret Service for that? FBI? Now lets do that same Caesar play only with Biden and/or Trudeau getting stabbed to death. Its literally culturally acceptable to murder Trump in NYC. That NYC audience gave the murder of Trump a standing ovation. Those were DNC voters attending the play. Its NYC! So you know that Trump murder play was sponsored by Delta Airlines.

The “chaos” you speak of is 95% DNC congress and DNC media sponsored and promoted.


The above video was on national DNC tv!

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I think it should be taken seriously even before Trump got shot yesterday. The DNC even denied a Kennedy an opportunity to run on the DNC ticket. Now RFKjr is running as an (I)ndependent. I thought RFKjr should have been allowed at the CNN debate. I have been long tired of the corrupted two party system.

Kennedy Calls for Secret Service Detail on Anniversary of Father’s Killing
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the independent presidential candidate, criticized the Biden administration for denying him Secret Service protection.


A Fire Chief was killed… An OB/GYN that was standing close to him in the crowd, helped carry the dead Fire Chief down the bleachers…. I do believe they both finished high school…….

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Bill Cara

I don’t think anybody claimed otherwise. A horrific situation.


Bill, it was horrific and predictable! Reality is that America is “united” by their fear of political violence. For four full years from 2017 to 2020 we watched the political fire bombings of DNC cities. Polls from years ago show it’s expected. In the words of CNN during the 2020 anti-Trump fire bombings … “it was a mostly peaceful assassination”!

Many, many people knew this was the DNC “final solution”.


But did they obey the vaccine mandate?



The Trump attack and murder of a MAGA(R) person yesterday at the Trump Rally shows how the US media and the DNC have sunken to Mexican cartel lows. Now those Mexican and Venezuela cartels are running free in the DNC “sanctuary ghetto” known as NYC.

Just when you think NYC’s thieves have stooped to their lowest, they prove us all wrong as gas stations and convenience stores are now the latest target in the city’s shoplifting surge…

Once the NYC illegals and gangs get done with the small stores then they will start attacking residents and they will start with the upper middle class. Those are the families who are not poor, but are not super rich enough to have security details posted in their front yards and on their property walls. Cartels hit the weakest links first. If you think your “gated community” is safe good luck and I hope you know how to use a Mossberg 500. No place in Mexico is safe so long as these cartels are freely operating. Now with the DNC open border these cartels are ever more profitable and wealthy and NONE of them have any ESG or DEI policies. None of the cartels wear masks or get vaccinated either. None of the cartels care at all about climate change. The cartels want another four years of Biden and the DNC.

Quality of life is truly on the ballot in 2024. The WEF goal of global “equity” means every American and Canadian citizen must lower their lifestyle to the same level as Mexico or Cuba. Trudeau and Biden were elected and they are both America and Canada Last.

When the Sinaloa cartel was dominant in Mexico they were more like the US mafia where they battled just the other cartels and did not kill or torture “civilians”. The CJNG is the opposite. They revel in the mass murder and torture of civilians and use that Mao CCP fear tactic to oppress and to crush resistance.

I follow the Mexican crime cartels that operate very freely in Mexico and have been virtually the shadow government of Mexico for many years now. Now with the Trump attempted Assassination the WEF owned DNC and the DNC media have made politics the equal to Mexico. If the cartels don’t like your politics or your journalism they just shoot you and your family or they really make an example of you and they skin you alive and then decapitate you and put your head on a taxi with a banner.

Go HERE to see what comes from unchecked illegal border crossing at the WEF DNC open border. If you say its all way too violent then quit voting for these atrocities. Not even the WEF in Davos allows such lawlessness yet they are fine to put such DNC atrocities on the ballot in every US state.

It is to the point now where you literally have to “vote for your life”. If you want more death and more lawlessness and more economic destruction then by all means vote (D). I for one have no interest in re-electing the WEF for four more years.

The easiest way to end this is to just stop voting (D) on all levels of government. From feds to state and city officials down to sheriff an d dog catchers. No more DNC! Does not mean you have to vote RNC just NEVER DNC!




As I predicted if the lawfare and ballot fraud fails the DNC would kill a former US President opponent. Like a JFK or RFK. There are no limits for the DNC to stay in power!

As a reminder a former Bernie woke supporter who was once a DNC candidate against Hillary attempted to kill Republicans at a baseball game. Two were serious wounded and one almost died.



Waiting for further reports.

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Is this the same guy who is getting paid $56bil?


X blows up! Of course the DNC supporters want to downplay the shooting and I am waiting for their usual “gun control” speech!

Meanwhile Obama is the largest weapons dealer on the planet outselling the Iraq War and Bush! That disqualifies any talk of DNC “gun control”! Add in the DNC “sanctuary ghettos” where people die every day of guns and drug ODs and robberies and car jackings!


Going by eye-witness and local PA news and Xers.
Total seven shots fired from roof top 200 yards away.
1-Shooter killed by SS
2-Trump rally spectator murdered by shooter
3-Trump rally spectator shot in serious condition
4-Trump injured but not seriously
5-Shooter antifa history

It makes sense because all the media calls Trump a nazi. Antifa claims to hate nazis, but they are a marxist anarchist group supportive of leftist causes.

Of course I am sure a more indepth investigation will happen and turn up more facts in time. Who knows theses days.

I am still waiting for the investigation of the 45 dead people in the Las Vegas mass shooting from the Mirage Hotel a few years ago. Interesting fact the police chief of Las Vegas during that mass shooting later became the police chief in Lahaina during the Maui fire episode. Wherever he goes mass murder follows him! How is he still employed?



We have witnessed the “new science” during covid and the DNC vaccine mandate and before that was climate change science. In other words “science” is whatever the DNC says it is!

“In Newspeak there is no word for ‘Science’. The empirical method of thought, on which all the scientific achievements of the past were founded, is opposed to the most fundamental principles of Ingsoc.”
― George Orwell, 1984



Most of all I am done with Klaus’ economic atrocity the past four years.

Its super bad when four years of bidenomics was worse than a total economic shutdown during the pandemic in 2020. US consumers were better off during covid!


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Notice in the graphic above that support was broken at 64.



You get government CPI numbers which during an election year can be at best fraudulent. You have Chinese companies listed on US exchanges who don’t report financials based on US accounting standards all of which companies are owned by the CCP. You get CCP trade data that has no basis in reality since none of the data can be verified.

All of which US taxpayers and US investors are on the hook for. Is there any SEC investigations into any of these Chinese companies listed on US or EU exchanges? Blackrock gave up on ROI many years ago in favor of ESG. More fraud. Since 2008 it seems to me fraud is growing exponentially, but enforcement is less not more.

Just take FTX for instance. One guy goes to jail? If this were Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan who pulled the FTX then nobody would have gone to jail, they’d pay a tiny fine. How many more FTXs are out there? Banks?

Credit rating agencies still can be bought like big pharma buys the FDA. Sovereign credit ratings are a joke. Its as bad as the 2007 bad loan bundling.

Now we see the Biden DoD just shipped 60 US made F16 fighter jets to Ukraine. They are also shipping 500lbs bombs and an assortment of ammo. That does not sound like Ukraine is winning if they need that much more weapons of war. Meantime both the US and EU generals complain that munitions and weapon shortages due to the “giant weapons vacuum” for the Ukraine war effort. In the past during the Iraq War Israel was selling small arms rounds to the US military who was running out of ammo. A perfect time for the CCP to launch an invasion of Taiwan while Biden is still in office. Can the US military face a three front WW3 scenario? Europe, the Middle East and Asia all at the same time. The DNC has alienated half the US so I doubt any anti-DNC population will go to WW3 for Biden and the WEF. That leaves just the DNC voters who voted for WW3 to serve in Biden’s wars. This is the “unity” Biden promised in 2020. This is the “return to normal” Biden promised in 2020 and 81mil suckered for it. The DNC is NEOCON CENTRAL!

We have ZERO accurate data on over 9mil illegal aliens crossing the US border since 2021. Cartels report no data. Dead bodies have their fingers and heads cut off to thwart any sort of ID. There has been a many multi-billion wealth transfer to cartels since 2021 from DNC border policies. Why would cartels not want another four years of Biden?

Only one word comes to mind that can tie all this huge mess into one big massive red flag!

One insurance policy against sovereign failure is gold!

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Funding up at $17 all institutional buy. There is still six months of 2023 core to be assayed and add in the following recent announcement during the latest funding round.

“The strong demand from new and existing institutions around the world reflects the quality of the recent Mineral Resource estimate, its tier-1 location and the significant potential for future growth.”

“Two drill rigs are currently operating at Luni to increase confidence in, and extend, the Mineral Resource, along with providing further samples for metallurgical testwork. This placement will also allow the Company to accelerate its project development workstreams and expand exploration activities across the greater tenement package.”



Leads me to believe this is now a grid issue. Meaning upstream and local sub-stations are not powered up or partially powered. I believe its a waste of taxpayer money to subsidize solar farms and wind turbines and not fortify the baseload system first. Same thing happened in 2021 in the winter when baseload plants did not have the budget to winterize completely.

This is the fifth day without power for homes. The businesses are powered up and gas stations, but limited gasoline supplies. One gas station that was open yesterday is closed today. That means if your tesla was depending on its home charger you failed.

We run generators only in the day when its hotter and at night not so much. We can only do internet in the day at limited hours. Some days the internet was down too. I just got a text from our internet provider that their internet service is back up. Its all hit or miss!

Reimagine needing your bitcoin wallet and internet is down and power is off! None of this new tech is improving sustainability especially during a week long power outage. Let me use this analysis to show that old tech can never be fully discarded like the WEF DNC BIS masters are planning.

No “new tech” tesla could move an inch without the “old tech” invention of tires and roads!

There is a local coffee shop that is all digital only and accepts NO CASH. I wonder how they did during the power outage? Because there were days where there was power, but no internet. Besides there plenty of people with no credit card but they do have cash. Like a lot of the Biden illegal aliens who want to buy a cup of coffee. The 9mil that crossed the border since 2021 are mostly from countries where CASH IS KING!


As of today July 11 internet is 100% but before that it was not. No internet was the prevailing norm.

The bright news, however, is on the Tachus network. We are pleased to report that at this time 100% of our datacenters and field cabinets are live and actively handling internet traffic. Several of these assets are utilizing back-up generator power as we await energy restoration from the major utility companies. It’s possible this may lead to some short-lived disruptions in the coming days, but for now we are up and capable of running at 100% internet traffic capacity. Our office also received power back today, so we will be able to leave our disaster-recovery site and get back to business tomorrow, allowing us to serve you better. 
So what does this mean for you? If your home has power, your Tachus Internet should be working like normal. If it isn’t, we’re failing you and want to fix it immediately. Please see the reboot and customer support contact instructions below. We have received hundreds of calls in the past 48 hours, and we are working through technical support case loads as fast as possible.

BTC wallet? Cash is still KING!



We are still on generator power here north of Houston. In Hawaii after Hurricane Iselle blew through with 80mph winds power was out for nine days. In situations like that “ice” was like gold and so was gasoline.

The problem was a small bit infrastructure but a BIG bit placement and maintenance of infrastructure. Power lines right next to tall trees NOT GOOD especially if those trees are old or top heavy as they take down the power lines with them when they fall. Power lines near trees need to be maintained, trimmed or cut down. One tree can take down power lines that serve hundreds of houses. In Hawaii the non-wise move to put lines near an Albizzia tree was very foolish. Those trees are shallow roots and tall and top heavy. That was why the East side of the Big Island was down for nine days. Texas does not have those trees but it does have pine trees, very tall ones.

We have a portable reserve fuel depot here and so we were not one of those waiting in gas lines for an hour. One jerry can holds enough portable power to run a generator for six hours. How many jerry cans of electricity does a tesla need for 30 minutes? Its nice to also have a one year food supply with a 25yr shelf life. One thing nobody has to worry about here is water. Many here have opted for a Generac whole house nat gas generator. No gasoline and it automatically kicks in when loss of grid power is detected. That means your life is uninterrupted. No gas lines and even a tesla might survive. Yet what’s the point of owning a tesla if it is powered by oil and nat gas? The difference is nat gas provides electricity night and day whereas solar is a daytime power source. Please note there are no nuclear powered home generators. No nuclear powered cars either.

In my driving I saw two abandoned teslas on the side of the road in two different areas. I thought about that. What good is trying to steal an abandoned tesla? You can’t run off with the battery. You can’t part out the car. Resell especially here where nobody likes the tesla symbol of big corrupt government is a waste. You can’t insure a stolen tesla. Nobody in Romania wants to buy them. Can’t service them at a Honda dealer or any dealer near here. I then thought maybe that’s what the owners wanted. Maybe if they got their teslas stolen or damaged badly the insurance would pay off and they’d be free from their electric boat anchor! The only EV I would buy is the first one they invented in the 1960s … a golf cart!

Why does the DNC and the WEF both insist on destroying a perfectly functioning energy sector that has been the engine of US manufacturing and technology and consumers for decades prior to the climate science invention? At the least the Green New Deal is suspicious and at the worst it is outright fraud! The DNC/WEF goal of making the US economy look like South Africa is working. That’s their version of “equity”! If all those over 60yrs old die off in the process then that’s making the DNC/WEF goal of less people on the Earth a bigger success!

The Law of Power Density is in effect!

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We all should be united against the WEF DNC agenda.

Much to the WEF DNC shock in this hurricane situation people helped each other and we were not divided by DNC or RNC or I or GREEN or ANTIFA! Nobody asked who you voted for or if your pink hair meant you were woke or if your American flag meant you were MAGA!

Biden had four years to unite the US and failed miserably. He promised he would on his first day of office, but he lied! He then decided all Trump policies were bad and ended them all while not caring what happens to the US middle class. When an entire political party has only one platform END TRUMP you get a dictator. With the vaccine mandate Biden proved himself a true dictator like Putin. He essentially with one stroke of the pen ended the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. Where is that insurrection impeachment? Turns out if you own Congress and the DOJ you’re above the law! Biden DNC time and again abuses the law for their own gain.

The Biden legacy will be abject failure with a topping of WW3!


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Bill Cara

I oppose the narrative that if you dislike Biden then you like Trump.

I dislike both.

However, the prospect of a Trump return to the WH is completely unacceptable to me. I could live with a second Biden presidency or preferably a Harris presidency.


I refuse to vote for the WEF and their own nothing HB&B ESG and DEI open borders and lawlessness! The WEF is killing the US middle class and the US consumer engine just like they did in the EU! I refuse to elect Klaus Schwab again!

Here is all you need to know about the leader of the WEF.
Early life and education
Klaus Martin Schwab was born on 30 March 1938, to Eugen Wilhelm Schwab and Erika Epprecht in Ravensburg Germany. His parents had moved from Switzerland to Germany during the Third Reich in order for his father to assume the role of director at Escher Wyss AG, an industrial company and contractor for the Nazi regime.

Anything is better than re-electing a real ancestral WEF NAZI!

Reimagine being safe in neutral Switzerland during WW2 and then moving back to Germany to work for Hitler. If Klaus knows anything he knows what a “sellout” looks like.

It is not my fault that the DNC chose to align with the WEF instead of the US middle class. The DNC sold out to a foreign power. In 2020 it took 46 WEF billionaires to get Biden elected. Build back better BS!

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From CNBC the MtGox payout is about to crash the BTC market. After ten years of waiting what would you do with BTC at $56k?

It all boils down to a “bug in the cryptocurrency framework”! Really? You want to put all your eggs in that basket El Salvador?

Once the sell down ends then those who got caught in the downdraft will be met with the full force of the bidenomic economy. More homeless, more welfare, more debt the endless cycle to buy (D)votes!

What is Mt. Gox?
Once the world’s largest crypto trading venues, Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy in February 2014 after a series of heists that saw up to 950,000 bitcoin — worth upward of $58 billion at today’s prices — vanish.

Mt. Gox blamed the bitcoin disappearance on a bug in the cryptocurrency’s framework. While users were receiving incomplete transaction messages when accessing the exchange, coins may have actually been illicitly moved by hackers out of their accounts, Mt. Gox said.

After declaring bankruptcy, 140,000 of the missing bitcoin were recovered, which means roughly $9 billion worth of bitcoin will be returned to owners, in today’s prices. Bitcoin was trading at roughly $600 at the time of the bankruptcy. Today, it is worth more than $54,000 — an almost 9,000% increase.

According to data from Arkham Intelligence, on Thursday and Friday, Mt. Gox moved billions of dollars in bitcoin from its crypto wallets ahead of the repayment memo.
More than 47,000 bitcoins worth $2.7 billion were moved out of an offline cryptocurrency wallet associated with Mt. Gox, Arkham Intelligence said Friday.

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Many died for our Freedom! Take a day off and celebrate that fact!



This is according to the Mayor of El Cajon, CA who explains new legislation in Sacramento. This on top of California law where illegals already get free medical, shelter, food and money. This proves to me there is no longer representation in Sacramento for legal taxpaying US citizens and since there is no representation this would be grounds to end California property tax and California income tax.

Watch this boots on the ground video at the California border and the reporter interviews the Mayor of El Cajon, CA in the San Diego area. I used to live in El Cajon and its not a tiny podunk cow town.

Notice that none of the mainstream media bothers with the BidenWH DNC open border. Not CNN MSNBC ABC CBS and not even the Republican House of Representatives is forcing a border closure. If ever there was reason for impeachment this is it. The DNC NGOs love how rich they are getting off their new BIdenWH MIGRANT BORDER INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. It takes a young concerned legal US citizen to do it on his own.

The Mayor of El Cajon interview is the latter part of this video. The beginning is right at the border and the reporter even speaks Spanish so nothing gets by him. Why any news agency would send a non-Spanish speaking reporter to the US border is beyond me. Same goes for CNN sending non-Mandarin speaking reporters to China and Asia.



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We all know that one, but did you know this one?

The Civil Rights Act of 1875, sometimes called the Enforcement Act, was a United States federal law enacted during the Reconstruction era in response to civil rights violations against African Americans. Signed by Ulysses S Grant(R).

Google it …

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Last year the FBI under the Biden DOJ forced US police departments to report based on the Biden DOJ new more detailed crime reporting format. It turns out it was so “detailed” that only 65% of US police departments nationwide reported back to the FBI compared to prior reporting in 2019 when 97% of US police departments reported back to the FBI.

Why would the Biden DOJ want less crime reported and force 35% of police stations to not even report at all? Here we are in 2024 an election year and only 65% of crime is being reported. Could the election suddenly be a high priority? This is typical CCP type data. To solve the Biden high crime problem the Biden DOJ did not fight crime they just cut out 35% of crime reporting so they could say “crime is down under Biden”! They hoped that crime would not be a very important issue to voters. Turns out that plan like so much of the DNC has done since 2021 backfired. Putting Trump on trial for 91 felonies in NYC alone backfired bigly! The DNC and the BidenWH actually thought they were credible after all their lies and conjobs impeaching non-stop and J6 ops and sex stuff and their biggest lie, aside from climate, the covid vaccine mandate. In actuality nobody cares about the DNC TRUMP LAWFARE, but voters do care about economics and crime and immigration and wars all the things the DNC and the BidenWH has failed at. In other words not only does the US Supreme Court see a DNC conjob, but the vast majority of Americans can see the DNC conjob too!

There’s an old Vegas saying that applies here to those who still buy into the DNC. After all this DNC lawfare against Trump and all the pro-DNC lawyers analysis.
“If after ten minutes at the poker table you do not know who the patsy is—you are the patsy.” POKER PROVERB

I am of the belief all people are innocent until proven guilty, but in a “real court of law” not one that is DNC owned with a 98% conviction rate! A fair court and a fair judge in NYC or the State of NY or DC does not exist. Never has because conviction rates higher than 90% is a BIG DAMN RED FLAG! In fact its amazing that the conviction rates of CCP courts in China is 98% too, Just like NYC and DC!

Here it is in a nutshell …
Mr. Kennedy attributed the recent uptick in crime to three main factors: fewer cops on the street, fewer criminals going to jail, and prosecutors that pursue progressive political ends.

“The overall impact of these collective and individual decisions has emboldened criminals, overstretched the criminal justice and law enforcement system, and left offenders free to victimize innocent citizens across the country, and undermine public faith in the justice system,” the Coalition for Law Order and Safety report said.



When 46 WEF billionaires helped get Biden elected in 2020 the DNC was captured. The DNC had to do the WEF bidding in the US because the DNC was bought and paid for. There is a reason 46 billionaires chose the DNC to help them corrupt America. The reason is the WEF thought the DNC was the most corrupt US political party. The WEF was 1,000% right!

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More than 6,000 law enforcement agencies were missing from the FBI’s national crime data last year, representing nearly one-third of the nation’s 18,000 police agencies. This means a quarter of the U.S. population wasn’t represented in the federal crime data last year, according to The Marshall Project’s analysis.



Another score for IperionX. I watched Peter Zeihan on Joe Rogan and he missed a few talking points on how to untangle the West from the CCP supply chain. Companies like IPERIONX as I have said for a long time now are the solution to the CCP mafia.

There is a newer word that has gained importance of late that you need to pay attention to. Its a word that is practically bankrupting Boeing. It will gain in importance. The word is used twice here and the word is “traceable”. Doors fall off Boeing jets when they use parts coming from China that are untraceable.

IPX owns the entire vertical from mining and scrap to processing and manufacturing parts. Its called “near-net shapes” for specific parts. All done in Virginia USA. NO CCP!

The share price on the NASDAQ spiked up at then end of the day.

IperionX Limited (IperionX) (NASDAQ:IPX, ASX: IPX) and Aperam Recycling (Aperam), through its American entity ELG Utica Alloys (ELG), have signed an agreement for an innovative titanium processing and product manufacturing program. This partnership will demonstrate IperionX’s fully circular and sustainable titanium supply chain solution, turning titanium scrap into high-performance titanium products for advanced industries.

Under this partnership, IperionX will use its patented titanium technologies to upcycle up to 12 metric tons of titanium scrap produced from the consumer electronics sector to manufacture a range of high-performance titanium products. IperionX will initially upcycle 1 metric ton of titanium scrap into high-grade titanium powder and then manufacture a range of titanium near-net shapes for specific parts, as well as plate, rod and wire products.

Aperam is focused on advancing the circular economy and is a global leader in stainless, electrical and specialty steel and recycling. ELG, part of Aperam Recycling, is a leading global specialist in sourcing and processing titanium, stainless steel and super alloys, processing over 1 million tons of metal annually.

Titanium is currently sourced over long distances from high cost supply chains with traceability issues. Titanium manufacturing generates high volumes of titanium scrap metal, such as cuttings and turnings, that is often downcycled to the ferro-titanium market. IperionX’s innovative ‘end-to-end’ titanium supply chain solution can unlock new sources of titanium feedstocks, including scrap titanium and U.S. titanium minerals, to re-shore domestic titanium production and manufacture lower cost and more sustainable high-performance titanium products. 

Anastasios (Taso) Arima, IperionX CEO said: “This important partnership with ELG will advance a more sustainable, fully circular and traceable U.S. titanium supply chain. Our new Titanium Manufacturing Campus in Virginia provides us with the full capability to process titanium scrap feedstocks and manufacture high-performance titanium products for advanced industries.” 

KAIMU RISK portfolio holds IPX as one of the top picks.
Seek your own diligence when investing. Risk can be risky!

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If leftist socialism fails in France its the far right’s fault. If it fails in the US it’s Trump and MAGA voters fault. These neocomm people can never accept their 60 year experiment with LARGE GOVERNMENT and free money has been a 1,000% failure. They never saved the poor or the planet like they said they would, but they did get rich trying. We’re all broke now. We now have to deal with austerity and that is something no DNC politician or (D)voter ever wants to experience. Reimagine OAC or Warren campaigning on “nothing”. Without promises of free money for the people they have “nothing”. The “free money” was never free, but it got votes and kept the DNC in power for 60 years.


Which came first the France or the California?

Following the European elections, French credit default swaps have soared to a post-2020 record of 39 points. Many commentators blame the rise of the National Front for market turmoil, which has sent all euro area spreads higher. However, none of this would have happened if France’s debt was low, finances were strong, and the euro area economies enjoyed healthy economic growth.

France is the world’s poster child for statism. The same statism that some politicians seek to impose on the United States has economically devastated France, a wonderful country with excellent human capital and outstanding entrepreneurs.

France never had austerity. It has the world’s largest government relative to the size of the economy. Government spending to GDP exceeds 58%, the highest in the world. Unions are exceedingly powerful. Their ability to organize paralyzing strikes gives them a level of economic power that far exceeds their actual representation. France’s state is so large that the public sector employs 5.3 million people (21.1% of the active population), a ratio of civil servants to inhabitants of 70.9/1,000, according to Eurostat. France has one of the highest taxation systems in the OECD. In France, income tax and employer social security contributions combine to account for 82% of the total tax wedge, according to the OECD. Corporate tax rates in France are also extremely high, at 26.5%, with companies with profits of more than €500,000 paying a rate of 27.5%. The labor market regulations in France are so restrictive that the number of companies with forty-nine employees is 2.4 times higher than those with fifty, primarily due to the significant burdens businesses face once they reach the fifty-employee threshold. According to Bloomberg, a 50-employee company must create “three worker councils, introduce profit sharing, and submit restructuring plans to the councils if the company decides to fire workers for economic reasons”.
-Mises Institute