Bill Cara

“The Maverick Investor’s Handbook” v.21 draft is available.

November 19, 2023

The free access to the book is:

The Maverick Investor’s Handbook  v.21 (draft)

The next version will be published for sale in about a week. All charts, tables, and links will be updated for the final publication.

A few days later, I will publish an accompanying book, “Cracking the Maverick Code.” That book will be a quarter-yearly edition.

Maverick books will be available only at The revamped website will be finished soon.

Quarterly reports for Mavericks will be available only for those who enroll in the Maverick program. The program is free to those who want mentorship and buy the book. I have decided, after 20 years of writing daily commentary and articles for this website, mostly for traders it seems, that my remaining years will be spent writing for people who are investors or want to be investors.

I have several new books in progress (e.g., “Critical Metals,” “Mind Over Markets,” and “Delusional Capitalism”) for publishing in 2024.

I also am working with others on an AI-based trading system. If that works out, I intend to stay a Financial Advisor registrant. Otherwise, it’s not enjoyable trading against bots in an unfair financial marketplace that securities regulators have permitted to lose all sense of integrity and social equity.