Bill Cara

Exciting Changes to Come at!

February 19, 2024

As Ecclesiastes wisely states, “There is a time…” – indeed, the time for changes on the website has arrived. I find myself at a juncture where age and health necessitate a shift in my contributions to this platform. After two decades of dedicated service post-retirement, it’s time for a fresh perspective and a youthful evolution.

Sharing the Torch: My beloved Help You Invest and Maverick education and information content I crafted passionately are poised for fresh insights. Joining forces with another Registered Investment Advisor will ensure a seamless transition while upholding the unwavering quality of guidance this community has expected.

Revamping Natural Resources: Prepare for an exciting overhaul of the Natural Resources section. I’m in talks with a dynamic team of talented, dedicated investment analysts specializing in Oil & Gas and Mining & Metals companies. If I can effect this change, they will bring the Natural Resources content a fresh, interesting, video-enhanced dimension. While some content will likely find itself behind a paywall, the depth and quality of their insights will be unparalleled.

Changes Coming to the  Cara 100: The Cara 100 is evolving into the Community 100. I’m on the lookout for a passionate investment-oriented moderator for this section. We’ll invite the community to submit companies with robust corporate fundamentals on a ‘Growth At A Reasonable Price’ or ‘Value’ basis. Contributors will then follow up with blogs on their favorite companies that make the cut for the Community 100. We’ll monitor the fundamentals quarter by quarter using a proven commercial service. And the best part? No paywall.

Politics & Perspectives: The Life & Politics section seeks a politically independent moderator to foster diversity of thought. Despite the conservative leanings of Kaimu and me, this platform will encourage a community-wide spectrum of perspectives, valuing the importance that diverse viewpoints bring.

Spotlight on Tiny Capital Companies: A new section will be dedicated to emerging small capital-raise companies on the verge of success. We aim to bring you the best in this niche, engaging with specialists in the field and featuring young companies like Northstar (ROOF.v) and Aduro ( in the clean technologies space.

Watch the recycling of landfill waste unfold in this video.

Explore Aduro Clean Technologies on YouTube.

Digital Content Evolution: Join me in recruiting an AV content expert to guide us into the future of digital content creation. This community must be committed to engaging and informative multimedia experiences like all media today.

Calling All Bloggers: is expanding its community, and we invite passionate bloggers to join our team. Whether you’re an established independent content creator or just starting, this is a golden opportunity to contribute fact-based content and enrich our critically acclaimed platform. For instance, NYUGrad, a long-time contributor,  is now successfully building his own subscriber base using Substack. We want to help.

In closing, I remind you that we all have an expiry date. So, here’s to the future – a mix of exciting changes and endless possibilities at the revamped! But remember, every end is just a new beginning.

Stay tuned.