Bill Cara

Apple (AAPL) Financial Report for Maverick Investors.

September 16, 2023

Maverick Investor Guidance: Apple (AAPL) continues to show resilience in facing challenges such as supply chain disruptions, inflation, and unfavorable currency effects. The company’s strong brand, diverse product and service offerings and growing base of active devices provide a solid foundation for the Maverick Investor Portfolio.

While short-term challenges exist, Apple’s focus on higher-margin services and its innovative ability position it well for future growth. However, Maverick Investors should consider waiting for a more favorable entry or re-entry point, as the stock has recently seen a pullback of -11.6% from its high of $197.96 after significant gains. The stock is still up +34.7% YTD.

Overall review of the past three quarters’ earnings reports:

  • Apple’s latest financial results showed a mixed performance, with June-quarter sales slipping -1.4% YoY but profits improving with a +5% YoY increase in earnings per share. The company is expected to close out the year positively and carry momentum into fiscal 2024. However, it faces challenges such as unfavorable currency effects, inflation, and higher borrowing costs. Positive factors include strong service growth and continued acquisition of new customers.
  • Apple’s revenue and earnings improved in the March quarter, with sales down -3% YoY but improving from the previous quarter. Foreign exchange continued to be challenging, and inflation and higher interest rates affected buying power. However, higher-margin services continued to perform well, and iPhone sales were strong in emerging markets.
  • With December quarter sales down -5% and earnings declining slightly over 10%, Apple had a slow start in fiscal 2023. Unfavorable currency effects and COVID-19 disruptions affected sales. While the Services business set a revenue record, challenges like supply-chain issues, high inflation, and unfavorable foreign exchange rates persisted. The full-year sales estimate was scaled back, but the company continued progressing in higher-margin offerings.

SWOT Analysis for AAPL:


  • Strong brand and customer loyalty.
  • Diverse product and service offerings.
  • Robust ecosystem with a large base of active devices.
  • Strong financial performance with consistent profitability.
  • Strong service growth and a growing base of paid subscriptions.


  • Vulnerability to supply chain disruptions.
  • Exposure to unfavorable currency effects.
  • Dependence on iPhone sales for a significant portion of revenue.


  • Growth potential in emerging markets.
  • Expansion of the Services segment.
  • Continued innovation and product development.
  • Increasing demand for technology and digital services.


  • Inflation and higher interest rates affect consumer spending.
  • Economic downturn or recession.
  • Intense competition in the technology industry.
  • Regulatory challenges and privacy concerns.