Bill Cara

Navigating Volatility: Spotlight on the Maverick Investor Program

November 13, 2023

In today’s financial landscape, market volatility is an unwavering force. The equity markets exhibit unprecedented fluctuation, with a constant ebb and flow of around 2%, often occurring within seconds.

Envision this: a $100,000 portfolio experiences a rapid $2,000 shift upwards or downwards in the blink of an eye. The stakes are higher for those who own or are entrusted with larger funds. Managing $1 million involves $20,000 movements while overseeing $10 million means contending with sudden $200,000 changes. Scale it to $100 million, and you must continually endure a staggering $2 million rollercoaster ride.

They often say, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” However, the reality for today’s investors feels more like facing a blast furnace than a stovetop. For professionals fully immersed in the market, it’s a grinding experience, hour after hour, week after week, and month after month. Mental exhaustion looms, and an emotional breakdown is inevitable without a genuine passion for investing. This pressure never relents as long as one remains a participant.

In the realm of professional asset management, performance is paramount. While teamwork can distribute responsibility and accountability, the smaller the team, the more intense the pressure. For those flying solo, be it an individual or a seasoned professional, the weight of research, strategy setting, and decision-making rests solely on their shoulders. They own the performance, the gains, and the losses.

Having chosen this solitary path for over 40 years, I can attest that love for the work is a prerequisite. In this challenging journey, I’ve come to identify the true adversary — Wall Street, governments, and central bankers. Their interests too often clash with mine and those of every independent investor. While faces in these corridors of power continually change, my obligations and commitment span a lifetime.

After years of fighting the enemy in a complicated landscape they control, I decided to go to the Maverick Investor Program as my response. With it, I simplify investing by adhering to a minimalist strategy centered on selected blue-chip Dow 30 companies. The core belief is that if the US  economy continues to grow, irrespective of the turbulence, so will this portfolio.

Embracing this uncomplicated strategy empowers investors to develop and sustain confidence and determination in the face of unending sales pitches and the waves of market-induced volatility. It provides a respite from the constant pressure that has the potential to wear down one’s spirit. Amid the market’s ever-changing landscape, the Maverick Investor Program stands firm as a guiding light, skillfully managing the chaos with a dedicated focus on simplicity and enduring growth.